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"Truth will ultimately prevail where pains is taken to bring it to light."

George Washington
[Letter to Charles M. Thruston, August 10, 1794]




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  The OPF (Outpost of Freedom) Mail List has returned. 

The Outpost of Freedom began as a newspaper in February, 1993. The events occurring in Waco, Texas, that month and the months to follow, resulted in a change in the nature of the Outpost of Freedom (OPF). During the siege in Waco,  OPF began operating through a fax-network to provide daily reports of the federal siege on a little church in Texas.

After the murder of the Branch Davidians, OPF continued to travel, and fax, reporting on stories that were of interest to the Constitutionalist/Patriot community. Perhaps the type of story would best be described as those events where "the government was pointing their guns in the wrong direction."

 The Outpost of Freedom has added a Library as a resource for its readers. The Library will contain text from various books which may be of interest to those who believe in the Constitution, American History, or, their own health .     

On June 28, 1995, a traffic stop in Ohio resulted in the death of a prominent militia Chaplain. Michael Hill's death was investigated by a Grand Jury in Muskingum County, Ohio. The Grand Jury failed to indict and the case was laid to rest, at least by the government. The Outpost of Freedom went to Ohio and investigated the incident. The results of that investigation are contained in the report on the Death of Michael Hill.  A Pictorial report of the events, for the more stoic, is also available.

2 relevant videos have been added to the site.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 will long be remembered. The question of just how it will and should be remembered is the topic of this series of articles. 

World Trade Center -- In Perspective 

On April 19, 1995, a bomb tore through a portion of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There can be no doubt that this event is high on the list of subjects of interest to the Patriot community. The Outpost of Freedom began writing articles, for the fax network, shortly after the bombing occurred. Those articles are contained in Oklahoma City Bombing. We have also added McVeigh's Forum, a place where Timothy McVeigh's words and thoughts can be found. 

  Nord Davis, Jr., was, without a doubt, an American Patriot. Though the government tried to implicate him in the Rudolph matter, Nord, as always, shed the accusations and  continued his search for truth. Nord was, and will always be -

  American first, without apology!

Also included are the investigative reports conducted by the Outpost of Freedom.

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 Sui Juris, an excellent article by Nord Davis, has been added to the site.  

On October 4, 1993, there was a shooting in Opelika, Alabama. After the smoke cleared, a police officer lay dead. Most people immediately reacted -- "You can't shoot a cop. That's not right!"    Or, is it? The Constitution for the United States of America and the supreme Court of the United States contradict this knee-jerk reaction. George Sibley and Lynda Lyon are, however, on Death Row for defending their (and, our) Liberty.  Another Side , information from Officer Motley's wife, Juanita.

The Outpost of Freedom spent six weeks at the Golden Hill Paugeesukq Indian Reservation in Connecticut, Covering a story about taxes. The Golden Hill Paugeesukq Indians had attempted to negotiate an agreement for the Indians to sell cigarettes, as was required by Connecticut law. Governor Weicker refused to negotiate the agreement, so, the Indians, in an effort to force the state to comply with its own laws, began selling cigarettes. The State Police surrounded the Reservation, and there was  standoff which lasted until the State backed down from the hostile approach it had initially taken.

Jim Bell spent a few years in prison for writing an article which offers a solution to what is probably the most serious problem in America, today -- Corruption and illegality in government. The ten parts of his article that I have been able to track down are included herein. Take some time - and read Assassination Politics.

The Waco White Papers are a series of articles written during the course of the Siege at Mount Carmel, Waco, Texas. The articles, except for minor grammatical corrections, are as they were written. The service of criminal complaints against the FBI/BATF; A Power of Attorney, lawfully granted by David Koresh and rejected by the FBI; What does Texas law say about the Branch Davidians right to defend themselves; and much more in the daily reports from Waco, Texas. 

A Waco Pictorial has been added to the Waco White Papers.

The Trial of the Branch Davidians has been added to the webpage.

In light of the currently unfolding 'findings' about Waco, a new series -- Waco Unraveling -- will attempt to keep you abreast of the events and happenings.

 The Outpost of Freedom continues to write on subjects of current importance. Some of the recent writings, which have not been incorporated into other stories listed here are included in the Outpost of Freedom - Today .

The America flag is a symbol of
a nation of self-governed people.
It is flown upside down only during times of dire distress.
It is those times that we are in, today!

In 1769, Samuel Adams and some allies began publishing their "Journal of the Times", which was soon published in newspapers all over the colonies. The objective was to report the misbehavior of the British troops. The "Journal of the Times" has returned.  

During, and especially, after the events in Waco, Texas,  back in 1993, their was an outcry among the freedom loving people of America. That cry was, "No More Wacos!"    So! What happened? There was, recently, another event that has all of the symptoms and similarities of those fifty-one days in Texas. Daily, the government talking heads emulated the indoctrinational success of Waco by holding Press Conferences and allowing the "establishment media" to have their fill, taking for their news reports ONLY from the regurgitation of pabulum from the government/NATO press corp. A series of articles under the general heading of Waco II -- Serbia are contained herein.
Also, photographs of the First Apache down in Albania

Sons of Liberty: A series of articles, based upon historical works, which are intended to utilize the words and thoughts of the Founders in observing current situations.

Back in 1992, a friend gave me a copy of Global Plan for the Advancement of Humanity (which some refer to as Global Plan 2000), which has been stored on a disk since then. In cleaning up my office, I ran across the disk and have posted the document for the benefit of those who have perceived this plan to be a contrivance. If you take the time to read the entire document, you may be surprised had how closely the plan has been followed  since its inception in 1991.

During my stay in Waco, I had the opportunity to take a number of picture -- until the BATF striped the film out of my camera, screwing up the winder, and acquire others. I have used the pictures for my talks around the country. I am now putting them up on the website. The Waco Pictorial Essay is partially completed, but still under construction.

Turtle Island was the name the Indians had given to what we now know as North America. For thousands of years, the Indians lived, worked, hunted, laughed, played and fought across these lands.  Eventually, the White man came and established his government, secured most of the land, fought the Indians, where necessary, and used whatever means available to force submission the U.S. government's authority (not unlike what is happening to the White Man today).

The Outpost of Freedom had become involved in Indian issues on two occasions. The first was the Golden Hill Paugeesukq Tribe in Colchester, Connecticut. Shortly afterward, OPF went to the Onondaga Nation near Syracuse, New York.

Verbicide is a form of genocide to Freedom and Liberty. Words were very important for the conveyance of concepts. The Founders were meticulous in their expression of concepts. Many words, however, have had their meanings changed by the educational process and other societal methods, the effect being that we have lost some of what we were. Examples of the words that have been used in this game of Verbicide are discussed.

Hidden History is a series of articles about historical events which have been removed from the modern textbook. As significant as some of them might be, one must be left to wonder why these events have been diminished, or removed from the government controlled education of our youth.  Realize, if you would, that very few continue to study history once they have left high school. Oblivion, then, is were these stories will be relegated to -- if we don't reopen our books and our minds --and regain the heritage that so many have fought and died for.

Laws is a series of articles which look not at statutory law, rather, at the purpose of and for law. Obviously, if laws are a part of society, there must be a reason for them. In a dictatorship or monarchy, they are to serve the master. But, what of a nation of self-government? In this setting, what purpose should laws serve?

Committees of Safety, dating from the sixteen hundreds, created a foundation and standard of self-government that was, eventually, embodied in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution for the United States of America. The means by which our Founders established a government within a government, allowing for the only revolution in history which afforded a smooth transition of power. Now there is a Committee of Safety homepage, and one in which you may participate.

On May 1, 1997, Ron Cole kept an appointment he had made to discuss what was then happening in Fort Davis, Texas, with an FBI Special Agent. Ron left the meeting, and stepped into the waiting arms of other FBI agents. He has been incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Facility in Littleton, Colorado, since then. Why was Ron arrested?

On October 2, 1992, Donald Scott was shot to death by Law Enforcement Officers. Scott was in his own home, having just woken up as thirty officers raided his home. The purported crime -- Growing marijuana (300 plants), of which no evidence was ever found. The Ventura County District Attorney concluded that the death was a result of an over zealous attempt to 'acquire' Scott's property. The DA's Report on The Death of Donald Scott is included, in its entirety. Read, and judge for yourself if law enforcement and property seizure have become a formula for murder.

The Journals of the Outpost of Freedom is the story of the past four years -- from OPF's beginnings through its many travels and ordeals. In line links will jump you to stories and articles referred to within the story. The Journals only covers a few months, at this time. It will be continuously updated.

Michael Aquino was a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army (and, perhaps, a disgrace thereto) stationed at the Presidio. Aquino's name had come to my attention when I was covering the Peter Tscherneff story back in 1993. It appeared the Aquino was very deeply involved in Ritual Child Abuse. There are many people who have had contact with Aquino, and, I'm sure, he and his Satanic Church have many supporters.

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World War III

Waco II - Serbia

World Trade Center

      Our military has been training soldiers with computer games as a part of the conditioning process.

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