On May 3, 1999, The Committee Against U. S. Intervention ran an exclusive set of pictures of the Apache AH-64A helicopter which went down during training exercises in Albania. The Committee Against U. S. Intervention was willing to post the pictures in a forum which has a much greater readership than the Outpost of Freedom. It was this factor, getting the pictures the best airing possible, that warranted the Outpost of Freedom not publishing these pictures, first.

Now that they have become public domain, they will be posted here. The pictures were official US Army pictures, which, as far as I am concerned, means that they belong to all of us. How I acquired them shall remain, however, tucked tightly into the recesses of Freedom of the Press. What is important is that they are now public, and the 16 million dollar scrap heap can be contemplated by all who wish to so do.

Feel free to use these pictures as you see fit. Please, however, respect the source and provide both credit and links for any publication of same (credit should be: "Courtesy of the Outpost of Freedom", with link to this page, if possible).

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Tirana AH64 01.jpg (399822 bytes)

Tirana AH64 02.jpg (363804 bytes)Tirana AH64 03.jpg (390142 bytes)Tirana AH64 04.jpg (351413 bytes)Tirana AH64 05.jpg (342730 bytes)
Tirana AH64 06.jpg (394263 bytes)Tirana AH64 07.jpg (372753 bytes)Tirana AH64 08.jpg (366453 bytes)Tirana AH64 09.jpg (326683 bytes)Tirana AH64 10.jpg (346550 bytes)
Tirana AH64 11.jpg (374744 bytes)Tirana AH64 12.jpg (429615 bytes)Tirana AH64 13.jpg (347054 bytes)Tirana AH64 14.jpg (544761 bytes)


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