Nord William Davis, Jr.

October 28, 1931 – September 15, 1997

While in Waco, I remember talking with Nord Davis. He, as so many others, realized that there was a serious jurisdictional problem with the BATF/FBI acting as they were in Waco. Along with so much else going on at the time, and since, his name remained only remotely in my mind -- for the next few months.

In January 1994, I was in Florida, staying with a friend. The friend had a friend, whom I had met before, that had just moved to Topton, North Carolina. She had been a follower of Nord Davis, Jr., for some time. When she was speaking to my friend, he mentioned that I was in town. She asked to speak with me and related what had been occurring around the Northpoint Team property. She asked if I would be willing to come to North Carolina and cover the story. I agreed, subject to affirming that Nord would want me to come – and would cover my expenses. She had Nord call me back, just a few minutes later.

Nord felt that a means of exposing what had been happening was a blessing that he had been praying for. Arrangements were made, and I was on my way to North Carolina. I remember how beautiful the country was as we approached Andrews. It was late when we arrived , so we stayed in a motel just outside of Andrews. There was snow on the ground and the air was cold and clear. The next morning, we drove on in to Topton – and to the Northpoint Team Headquarters.

Nord was waiting for us to arrive and introduced himself as we came to the door. Betty Lou, Nord’s faithful assistant and articulate writer, whom I had spoken to a number of times while making arrangements, was also there. I was briefed on what had happened, including receiving a rather detailed account – including affidavits from some who had witnessed the low altitude over flights of Betty Lou"s property.

Nord had made arrangements for us to stay at a motel in Topton, so, after an afternoon of learning more about Nord, Northpoint Teams and meeting a number of very friendly and thoughtful people, we settled in for the evening.

The articles from of my Northpoint Team Investigation

Nord was also to become a friend, and to provide help when I was in dire need. His death is a loss to the Patriot Community, though Nord will always be remembered as an upstanding patriot, a good writer, a man with few equals and a friend to his country – American first, without apology!

One of Nord’s publications, which he had asked me to narrate on tape (and, I will, someday), is, perhaps, the one that he is both known best for and most criticized because of, Star Wars, if nothing else, will provoke thought in area that has been a major concern for most patriots.

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