The Trial of the Branch Davidians

As reported by:
Outpost of Freedom

Nearly a year after the initial BATF assault on a little Church in Waco, Texas, a trial began. This trial was not based upon charges against those who, most probably, committed crimes of murder, rather, it was a trial of the victims of the assault. Those who were fortunate enough to not have been in Mt. Carmel Church during the siege, or, those who survived the fire of April 19, 1993, were standing trial for having defended themselves, as was made so clear by the Jury Foreperson,. Sarah Bain.

As the Trial began, the Outpost of Freedom was in Orlando, Florida. Due to the coverage of the Nord Davis overflights and speaking engagements, OPF was unable to attend the trial. A friend, however, was in constant touch, and through this method, these reports were able to be prepared and faxed out through the network. Consequently, the reports are not as thorough as if opf had attended, but they do being forward information that was overlooked, or ignored by the establishment media.

Post 1 – Presents some information about the jury selection, witness list and the presence of FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association)) in San Antonio.

Post 2 – Discuses testimony regarding destruction of evidence by the FBI and the BATF, Kathy Schroeder and some of the evidence submitted.

Post 3 – More about the Texas Ranger’s gathering of evidence.

Post 4 – Balasteros, the first to reach the door at Mt. Carmel Church, testifies, and other discussion of the initial raid.

Post 5 – Maloney, the television cameraman who captured the raid, testified that the BATF had edited the footage before it went to trial.

Post 6 – Discussion of a "suicide pact" and the fear that existed inside Mt. Carmel, by a Davidian.

Post 7 – Kathy Schroeder testifies. Kathy had turned states evidence so that she would be allowed to raise her children.

Post 8 –Karen Kilpatrick testifies that David Koresh had invited the BATF to come to Mt. Carmel Church to inspect his guns. Also, information about the fire of April 19.

Second Massacre in Waco – discusses the verdict and the consequences on America.

Waco Update – presents some of the transcribed discussions between the FBI and the Davidians on the morning of April 19.

Injustice in America – OPF interviews Sarah Bain, Jury Foreperson.

Sarah Bain’s letter to Judge Walter Smith

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