World Trade Center -- In Perspective

In an effort to put in to proper perspective the recent events in New York City, a series of articles are forthcoming.

World Trade Center -- In Perspective #1 - September 16, 2001
                      Is anyone really surprised that the attack on the World Trade Center took place?

World Trade Center -- In Perspective #2 - September 16, 2001
                  Is all of the talk of " Heroes" just a politically correct reaction?

World Trade Center -- In Perspective #3 - October 15, 2001
                    Who is the real Patriot, today?
                                                                                                                                      The Case Against bin Ladin (with special thanks to Tony Blair)

NOTE: The government has seen fit to attempt to suppress a free expression from one of the sides of this conflict. At the same time, they are inclined to censor that which we are able to have access to, on our own side. The Outpost of Freedom has taken the position that unless and until there is a Declaration of War, declared in accordance with the Constitution for the United States of America, there can be no perceived enemy that could be aided and abetted. An effort will be made by the Outpost of Freedom to offer as much information as can be made available, from whatever source, so long as it appears to be credible.      opf


bin Laden letter of November 1, 2001

Transcript of video delivered to Al Jazeera on November 2, 2001

  For more recent information on the escapades of George W. Bush (George III), see World War III

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