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 Though this article was written in 1994, it is time to blow the dust off of it and let people know what is really happening in this country. Gene Schroder of the American Agricultural Movement, had uncovered some damning evidence of something that had been suspected, for quite some time. The Outpost of Freedom, upon obtaining that information and speaking with Gene, wrote Martial Law.

The recent bombing of the USS Cole, in the Port of Aden, Yemen, provides the background for an article I have wanted to write, for a very long time. A Prima Facie Story will give insight into one aspect of the US government's use of the media.

Independence Day has been celebrated by Americans in recognition of the sacrifice made be so many, over the years, to preserve a way of life established 221 years ago. " ...and, the Year of Our Independence, two hundred twenty one" is something that might be considered this July 4, 1997.

  In light of the recent legislative actions, and individual official interpretations regard gun laws in California, Lexington, California, was written to. perhaps, provide a solution to the potential problem.

  July 4, 1999 had a different tone. The abyss into which we have fallen is far greater than was imagined, just a few years ago. And, the rest of the world is falling with us. Independence Day 1999 

  John, an old friend whom I have interviewed before, has enlightened us, once again, with his take on the solution to our problems. An Interview with John

Before I went to Waco, I had been stopped for driving without a license (they said suspended) and no license tags on my motorcycle. Although it took over two years to resolve, I finally prevailed (nolle prosse), on all counts. " What if I'm arrested" in the account of those events.

Recent events in the Republic of Texas have been of interest to nearly everyone. The Internet was abuzz with claims, accusations and news of the events then happening.

Sound thought is an absolute necessity in times of distress. The following four articles were written in reaction to many of the postings on the Internet. Fortunately, with the exception of the death of one man, the incident found a conclusion. Not that this speaks highly of those involved, for they failed when they asked others not to fail them.

Shortly after the events began unfolding at Fort Davis, Texas, other events, seemingly related, unfolded elsewhere. One of these had to do with the arrest of three men near Denver, Colorado. Ron Cole was one of the three. Mice? or Men? was written to explain the natural reaction when loss of liberty s involved.

At the time of this article, one of the " defenders of Fort Davis" had " surrendered" to State of Texas officials. The lack of courage of he and the remaining defenders is not the character from which this nation was made. Is this the " The Courage of Our Founders?"

Reliance on others is a necessity, if our common goal is to be achieved. More importantly, however, is our Reliance upon ourselves.

Four years ago, shortly after the Siege at Waco, many felt that a Church in Montana would become the next federal target. One, very important, question was, " But, What if they try to stop us?"

The division within the community should be our greatest concern. " Your goals are not the same as my goals" discusses this topic.

April 19 -- It was God's Will! -- an article written to commemorate the anniversary of the Death of the Davidians at Mt. Carmel Center, Waco, Texas.

Memorial Day -- 1998, by Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom

Independence Day -- 1998, by Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom

Shoot to Kill - July 23, 1998 - an article written in response to recent events involving law enforcement officers

August 21, 1998 - Over the years, I have had a few conversations and meetings with Bo Gritz. In light of the current situation in North Carolina, I feel that the information of previous events is imperative to the proper analysis of who Bo Gritz really is. Bo Gritz and Waco.

In light of the recent bombings of US embassies in Africa, we have been "informed" as to who the guilty party behind the bombings is. Of course, only a small portion of the story has really been told. Usamah bin Ladin has been declared the culprit. What remains unsaid is the bin Ladin declared war on the United States back in 1996. An excerpt from bin Ladin's Declaration of War reveals his reasons for this position.

The election of Obama as President of ......, well, quite frankly, I have trouble saying it -- so, I won't, has lead to concern over a number of matters. Gun confiscation, being one of them, has lead to record gun and ammunition purchases. In light of this concern, I did another interview with an old friend. The interview touches on a subject that we have all thought about, What do we do? And, when do we do it?

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