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On March 24, 1999, Dr. Javier Solana, NATO Secretary General, began his press statement with these words:

"I have been informed by SACEUR [The Supreme Allied Commander Europe], General Clark, that at this moment NATO Air Operations against targets in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia have commenced. "

Unlike David Koresh, Pastor of the Mt. Carmel Church, in Waco, Texas, President Milosevic, of Yugoslavia, had been advised that his sovereign nation was to be attacked -- if he was unwilling to sign an "agreement" which was not negotiated, just put in front of him with a demand that he sign the "agreement". Not that there is much difference between having an early Sunday military assault on your Church, without notice, or, being told that you will sign, as if you consent, or we will bomb you to oblivion. In each instance, absolute submission was the only requisite to avoid violence.

Once, again, the United States, this time using NATO as a front, instead of the United Nations, had begun an offensive military action against a country that pales in size and power, to the United States. Thoughts of the Bombing of Baghdad continued to invade my mind. Then, I was unwilling to speak out against the actions of George Bush. I was concerned that any conflict within the country would only hurt the troops which might become involved in the conflict.

After many months of waiting, the Body Count in Kosovo is now in.

Not wishing, however, to condone the actions of the United States in another one of its bullying aggressions, I had to reconcile my beliefs to be able to, this time, speak out against what I deem to be immoral and unconscionable. "Support the Troops" is that reconciliation.

Back in the sixties, after returning from Vietnam, I was finally able to listen to a song which had been outlawed on military installations. Universal Soldier gives us something to think about, once again.

So, what was this little nation, the Former Republic of Yugoslavia? "A Very Brief History of Yugoslavia" might help to answer some important questions about the area.

Within a couple of weeks of Solana"s notice of the invasion, the similarities between Waco and what was now happening in Yugoslavia, was becoming apparent. "Waco II -- No More Wacos!" begins to touch on those similarities.

The Press Conferences, conducted by NATO, the Department of Defense and the White House, along with the USG talking heads on various talk programs, paint a picture for the American public to see. The foreign press, the subject of our attacks and the Truth are, frequently, lost. The "What would You do?" discusses some of the consequences of modern day PR.

Much like many of my press releases from Waco , a have done a rather sporadic series of reports on the daily NATO press conferences:
Waco II -- Serbia - April 7, 1999
Waco II -- Serbia - April 8, 1999
Waco II -- Serbia - April 22, 1999 - We are not targeting Milosevic!
Waco II -- Serbia - May 11, 1999 - The Road to Basra

The outrageous attacks against Serbian TV leads one to wonder what right the United States, or NATO, has to destroy civilian communications. Sons of Liberty #34 touches on the unethical and illegal act.

On April 26, 1999, an Apache AH-64A helicopter went down in Albania. It was about thirty miles from its bass in Tirana, Albania. The cause of the crash, according to NATO, was "mechanical failure". From the photographic evidence, which can be seen in Apache Down, it appears that it was "pilot error". These photographs were first made public by the Outpost of Freedom.

On May 2, 1999, three Americans were released "into the custody of Jesse Jackson". The reaction from NATO, and their boss, Washington, D.C., was astounding. "Running out of Bridges" touches on this matter.

The Apache episode has been rather interesting. Some thoughts on the subject can be found in Kosovo Apache.

May 4, 1999, saw the loss of yet another Apache helicopter. The circumstances surrounding this downing are explained in Apache Down II.

An attorney, in Greece, has filed a complaint against NATO. The complaint has gone to the same tribunal which issued an indictment against President Milosevic.

 For more recent information on the escapades of George W. Bush (George III), see World War III


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