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Gary Hunt
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 Whether Timothy McVeigh lit the fuse that resulted in the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, or not, he has seen that this event has sent a message to both the US government and the American People. It is extremely important that this message be heard. So far, 168 lives have been lost – and, if the US government has its way, the toll will soon come to 169.

  This cost is significant, and it is imperative that we learn why these deaths have occurred. Many will judge that these are the only lives lost, however there have been hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the past dozen years that warrant our scrutiny.

  The mainstream press and the US government, have managed to minimize dissemination of McVeigh’s messages. They have not, however, set any limit on what the US government can say, whether there is any merit to their claims, or not.

  The Outpost of Freedom has been corresponding with Timothy McVeigh, currently being held in the Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. Tim has provide some information, and will continue to do so. The Outpost of Freedom is more than happy to provide McVeigh’s Forum so that Tim has a place to be heard.  

On April 19, 1995, I was on the phone with someone who claimed to be John Stadtmiller, of Augusta, Michigan. John mentioned that there had been a bomb blast in Oklahoma City and that hundreds had been killed. I suppose this seemed too incredible to be considered plausible, so I continued with the conversation.

A little later I happened to turn the television on, and the first impressions of a new story in history were beginning to present themselves.

The press was indicating that there must be a tie to Waco, while at the scene they were reporting that the government was searching for two "middle-eastern" looking men in a red pick-up truck.

Perhaps just a handful of people realized exactly what had happened, and who had set off the bomb, at that time. Within hours, however, various stories began making the circuit in the patriot communication networks

As always, I began investigating through press releases, news stories and radio & TV broadcasts. Regardless of who the bombers were, at that point everything was based upon speculation.

This first article was not completed for three days. I was attempting to digest as much as possible of the information available. It was clear (or, should I say unclear) at that time that nobody knew for sure who might have set the bomb off. The fact that it could have been external or internal forces, however, was very significant in my mind. The United States had, obviously, reached a plateau seldom attained by any nation, that of having enemies, both foreign and domestic, that might go to this extent to express their displeasure with the federal government. The result: Beirut, Waco or Oklahoma City?

The article managed to disturb a lot of people, including friends. They felt that I was advocating the killing of children. Most have, since, realized that if there is to be a war in the United States, innocent casualties will be as common as they are in any other country turned battleground.

By April 25, the patriot "leaders", most of whom have been selected for your pleasure by the national media, became advocates of a battle cry that goes, "find the sonofabitch, try him and hang him." The sense of justice, cause or motivation seems to have been left in obscurity by those who so recently advocated their own form of violence. Unfortunately, because of the broad coverage given by the national media, the battle cry was picked up by thousands of patriots and they "jumped on the bandwagon" of indignation.

At the same time, the federal government was becoming very concerned over the ramifications of what had happened. Although their public finger was pointed at the middle east, their private finger was scratching their collective heads and wondering if this wasn't the beginning of an insurrection in this country. Tensions increase over Oklahoma City explosion begins to explain the apprehension of the government.

The reaction of both the USG (US government) and the patriot community devolved into rhetoric. There appeared to be a severe heightening of attitudes and anger among both sides. Escalation & Fear: Fear & Escalation discusses those aspects.

The national press played a significant role in our observation of the events surrounding the bombing. Most patriots relied upon a source that they perceive as a tool of the enemy. Television news programs made hay out of the events, and carried their own political message in the process. The Tragedy Revisited! discusses some aspects of coverage.

As the pieces of obvious influential information, attacks on patriots and obfuscation of truth became apparent, I felt compelled to write about a meeting I had had just weeks before Waco. The person I had met with worked for a Defense Intelligence Agency contractor. The person's superior was recently convicted for hiring this person (lying about credentials), which seems to lend even more credibility to the report. C3CM is a program acknowledged by nearly all defense related agencies, including Army, Navy and Air Force. The extent of the program, however, is obscured both in the limited "public" application and the ability for the government to provide credible deniability since the program is, obviously, public knowledge. I am, however, inclined to believe that the program is much more than the government is willing to admit.

In the course of investigating the event in Oklahoma City, I contacted Ray Brown with the Oklahoma Geological Survey in Norman, Oklahoma. During the course of one of our discussions, I asked Mr. Brown, "Does your analysis of the second event preclude the possibility that it was caused by the collapse of the building?" His answer, "Nobody has suggested that, before. No, it is a possibility." What Really Happened in Oklahoma City? #1 discusses the seismographic evidence.

By this time, it had become apparent that there was an effort to pass the blame, directly, to the government. Insistence that there were two, or more, bombs persisted, and was lead by those "leaders" given us by the media, and a new breed of "ex-government" types, including Benton Partin, retired Air Force General and Ted Gunderson, former FBI agent. Reliance on the enemy, whether retired, or not, does not make a whole lot of sense, but there was a desire, since most had jumped on the "a patriot couldn't have done it" band wagon, that they were grasping for ways out of acceptance of the truth. What Really Happened in Oklahoma City? #2 addresses some aspects of this problem.

The government, without need for an excuse, is constantly seeking new "laws" to restrict, or prohibit, the Constitution. Whether HR 1544 was in the works when the bombing took place, or was drafted afterward, the government doesn't need special events to enact similar laws. Their methods are more divisive than that. These claims are just hype, and repetition of arguments that tend to force us to remain submissive. The Last Straw was written about HR 1544, and is intended to show that the government does practice "verbicide" on us.

For years, I had wanted to write this piece -- especially in light of Michael Fortier's turning state's evidence in the Oklahoma City bombing. The trouble was, I was never able to get my hands on a plea agreement to abstract from it, and tell the tale of deceit, fraud, intimidation and fear perpetrated by the "Justice Department" . Unfortunately, a close friend (who is now hiding from the government) was charged, rather ambiguously, with a crime. His business and wife were also targets, and the USG brought their pressure on this good patriot. Informants Amongst Us! is the story of how the pressure can bring the weak to turn against their friends.

Although I have thought, many times, of my children, and how I would feel if they were caught up in the violence that is surely to come if we are to restore this once great nation, I am appalled at the number of people who condemn McVeigh for the fact that there were children in the building. Once the determination is made that the loss of innocent life is unacceptable, the action becomes "terrorism" . Terrorism? or, An Act of War? was written to equate the realities of life, especially in light of armed conflict.

People have alleged, all along, that Timothy McVeigh was not the bomber. They wonder how the government could have tracked him down, they ponder the irony of his being arrest in Noble County, Oklahoma, just 1˝ hours after the explosion. They claim that he is a patsy. They may be right, but then, if he is a patsy it is because he is covering for others that may have been party to the plan. McVeigh's involvement, whether it stands the legal test (remember OJ Simpson), or not, is probably real. What Really Happened in Oklahoma City? #3 brings forth some of the facts that lead to his and Terry Nichols' arrest.

Since McVeigh cited Waco as a cause for his actions, Janet Reno came out and tried what she had done so well, just two years before. She tried to make reality what she wanted it to be. Her problem was the proliferation of facts that have come out about Waco, both in trial and through other methods. Her control of the press, however, hasn't changed. Janet Reno's last-ditch effort to cover the fraud discusses this aspect.

The manipulation of world news and the double standards by which the USG promulgates its sphere of influence is described in One World Government - A theorist's conspiracy?

Discussion, theory and outright absurdity came into play regarding the destruction of the Murrah Building. In my research, I was unable to find the formula needed to determine if the ammonium nitrate (ANFO) bomb could have caused the destruction that we have seen. A number of people felt that it could have, but definitive proof is what I sought. Surprisingly, the information I needed came from an unlikely source -- General Benton Partin, who had espoused a theory other than what I have presented here. In his first "release" about the "impossibility" of an ANFO bomb causing that damage, he provided the formula. His mistake was that he gauged the distance from blast to building at 80 feet, and the depth of the crater at 25 feet. What Really Happened in Oklahoma City? #4 discusses this and the structure of the building, which, together, can explain, and dispute claims to the contrary, that the ANFO bomb, as described, could have caused the damage.

Although the above articles are the extent of my writings on the subject during those first few months afterward, there is another article that was not written until August that is, perhaps, the most significant of all. Since nearly everyone had jumped on the "patriot leaders" bandwagon, there were a number of questions raised. One of the more significant was, why did Michael Fortier turn against McVeigh -- or, is Fortier an agent? An Interview with Michael Fortier will provide insight into this matter.

As the trial of Tim McVeigh approached, the reaction of the patriot community had begun to take its toll. They had, for whatever reason, abandoned Tim McVeigh. Tim McVeigh was the sole patriot that had "put his actions where his mouth was" . The rest of the community had only offered lip service -- Though very little different in description than the actions of McVeigh. Oklahoma City -- Denver -- Is it over? discusses this aspect of the aftermath of the bombing.

A final thought -- As time has shown, we were able to discern most of the truth about Oklahoma City, very early on. The sensationalism that was promulgated by the government and its agents or by overzealous and foolish patriots has left us fighting each other more than the cause which we profess too. Not every act that we might disagree with can be termed "conspiracy of government". We must look to see if, perhaps, what many of us anticipate has not begun -- without us! Until such time as we can support those who take the cause one step further than we, individually, are willing to take it, we cannot expect to prevail.

We cannot "carry" every bleeding heart that believes that political parties, the polling place, letters to Congress or any other means short of war, can restore our blessed Constitution. If they can, then they will. Rather than relying on those means, however, we must be prepared to support the alternative -- in whatever way we can.

If, as the Founders did, we engage in war, and the alternative presents itself, then we can opt for that opportunity. If, however, you are so naive as to believe that the greatest power on the earth, the manipulator of nations, will succumb to your tears, then you, my friend, can stand back and watch -- for there are many who recognize that, for our posterity, there is little time left to act.

Our first chance to act was Waco, but then the belief was, until the fire, that lawful means would accomplish the task at hand. The second opportunity to act was to follow in the footsteps of those who were brave enough to begin, without us. That opportunity was lost in the obfuscation by "patriot leaders" and lack of action. Let us not let the third opportunity slide by us.

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