Laws is a series of observations, by the author, as to what the true purpose and source of laws is in a society of self-governing people.

Laws - Part I

The basic need for and principles of laws are discussed, along with the evolution of the concept into what existed in the United States two-hundred years ago.

Laws - Part II

The protection of property is the primary purpose for laws. But, are there means of stealing property without stealing? What purpose does government serve?

Laws - Part III

The deceptions that allow us to be willingly plundered. Taxation is just another word for plunder. The government"s misguided " protection" of us.

Laws - Part IV

" Law and Order" is something that we all would prefer to have, isn"t it? Let"s look a little deeper into what " Law and Order" really means, today.

Laws - Part V

Moral Laws have become the "morality" of the nation, by imposition, deceit, bribery, and, most importantly, misunderstanding. What is the proper source of all moral law?

Laws - Part VI

Crimes can be defined in a number of ways. What, however, constitutes a crime?

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