Opelika, Alabama
October 3, 1993

George Sibley and Lynda Lyon have taken on the judicial system -- which has become a self-indulging, self-serving, self-perpetuating monster. Their ordeal began when they defended everybody's right to liberty -- the right to walk about unrestrained.

Many have shied away from their cause -- because, they killed a cop. But, have those naysayers ever contemplated the consequences of absolute subjugation to the police, or anyone else?

If, after reading the following articles, anyone continues to believe that what George and Lynda did was wrong, then they are ready to accept subjugation and slavery, without a whimper.

Lynda and George have put out a series of articles concerning their ordeal. Those articles are posted at the Lyon-Sibley Update page.        

The Outpost of Freedom has written a series of articles about the case. Those articles are posted at the George Sibley and Lynda Lyon page

Another side heard from. Juanita Motley, widow of the policeman killed in a gunfight with George and Lynda, has provided some insight -- and answered some long standing questions. Read more about this Another Side.

A little information about George and Lynda - Husband & Wife on Death Row 


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Lynda (L.C.) Lyon published Liberatus magazine, along with George Sibley. Articles written before their problems arose in Opelika, Alabama, still are of interest to those who wish to know what is going wrong in this country, today.   

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