November 1995
the Death of Michael Hill

Although bullets entered Michael Hill's body from three different angles, there was, according to the police report, only one shooter -- who never changed positions during the entire incident.

From August through November, 1995, the Outpost of Freedom made numerous trips to investigate the Death of Michael Hill, Ohio Militia Chaplain. The investigation was initiated at the request of Arleen Hill, Michael's widow, and was terminated prematurely when Nancy Lord, Arleen's attorney, insisted that Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom, was a government agent. Her source -- Linda Thompson.

The investigation did yield information which suggests that Michael Hill did not die as the police reports suggested. There is additional evidence and testimony that the Outpost of Freedom was not able to obtain as a result of attorney Lord's accusations.

The initial report was written on November, 1995 and is contained, in it's entirety, in the written version, as "the preliminary Report on the investigation into the Death of Michael Hill." (no pictures)

Some of the photographic evidence is included in a subsequent report. BE ADVISED that the Pictorial Report on the Death of Michael Hill (below) contains pictures of a dead human being. If this would be upsetting to you, please do not follow this link. The pictures are presented, with a dialogue, to explain why the "official" report on the death does not hold with the physical evidence. Much of what is presented here is in the original report (above), but the pictures, in some cases, are worth a thousand words.

Pictorial report on the Death of Michael Hill.

During my investigation of the murder of Michael Hill, I went to the scene and located, from the crime scene photographs, the position of the vehicles and the body. The video was made by one of those helping me with the investigation.

Mike Hill Crime Scene Video

An independent autopsy was performed by the family and supporters. The bullet wound trajectories tell a story supportive of what I have written in the Preliminary Report.

Warning, graphic images of a dead body. Graphic footage of a real autopsy. It is presented here solely for the purpose of demonstrating medical and forensic evidence relevant to the Murder of Michael Hill. This footage is not recommended for viewers who are minors and for those who are squeamish. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

Mike Hill Autopsy

Behind the scenes in the 20/20 interview of Arleen Hill.

20/20 interview of Arleen Hill



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