Outpost of Freedom in Phoenix. Arizona
Gary Hunt
August 24, 1994

Proper Role of the Militia

The recent occurrence in Wickenburg, where an individual took into his own hands the "enforcement" of the law, as he saw it, indicates the need for a more proper understanding of the concept of the militia. Especially in light of the recent attacks, such as that by Planned Parenthood, and by another incident in Tampa, Florida, where it was suggested that some "paralegal" were being backed by an armed militia (by a local television station).

The concept of militia has always been one of defense against invasion, not of law enforcement. The Swiss require a ready defense force, or militia, fully equipped. They are not, however, called out to serve personal needs. They are called only by the canton (county), and as such, are a defense force only. The concept upon which the Swiss established their militia was the same concept upon which ours was based. This must be kept in mind, or we will be accused of, and rightfully so, insurrection.

In previous articles, I have indicated the need to establish Committees of Safety. These Committees are the safeguard which requires consent of the community, and not just the consent of a few individuals, or even the commander of the militia. As much as those who have worked so hard to establish militia would like, it is not a personal army. This concept is more consistent with the continual revolutions of Central and South America (all democracies) rather than our Republic. The input, and direction of the community is essential; to a proper militia.

During the few days in which the Germans were camped in Wickenburg, many patriots suggested that they act as a militia and "evict" the foreigners. Fortunately this was not done. But unfortunately, a militia member took it upon himself to "evict" the visitors. In my mind, it would have been far more beneficial had the Committee attended the site and sat down, over a beer, and educated the Germans. I remember thirty years ago when I would sit and drink beer with Germans, some who were veterans of World War II, and learn from them. Their hospitality then showed their national pride (patriotism) and the respect for their culture. These displays we have seen in Wickenburg, and being called for by certain individuals in the Patriot community, show lack of pride and cultural heritage. They show a warlord mentality and a refusal to allow community conscience to dictated community matters. Their efforts to "rule" as self appointed leaders taint the concepts that we are striving to revive in this country.

Let me clarify the distinction between the two entities mentioned as serving this wrongful purpose. The first was an over zealous individual who had nothing but good intentions, although misguided. His efforts will result in educating his community, and perhaps many more, of the need for Committees, and self-discipline. You might say that he has helped us all to learn to walk. On the other hand, those self-serving individuals who have attempted to exert their authority on large numbers of people, without community conscience, and who continue to entice people into actions that will bring discredit, and disrespect upon all militia by calling for random acts of violence, are acting without the conscience of a Godly spirit. Rather, it seems that they may have an egotistical desire to control. And, control is the very aspect of government which we despise the most.

I sincerely hope that this lesson is well learned, and quickly. The attacks on the concept of militia are being mounted by the enemy at a rapid rate. It is imperative that we bolster the image of the Founding concepts, rather than tarnish them. Seek history as a model, not self proclaimed leaders. Moderate thought within your community and within your Committee. Militia leaders and members are directed by the spirit of the people, not warlords. Militia are created for a greater purpose than righting perceived injustices. They are established to retain national dignity and principles. To set aside these principles destroys the dignity under which they, and this nation, were conceived.

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