From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Phoenix, Arizona
Date: August 19, 1994 Phone: (602) 863-4912

UN Troops in Wickenburg, Ariz.?

Airways, phones and newspapers carry the news of UN troops in Wickenburg, Arizona. Fortunately, I have been staying in Phoenix which, is just about 75 miles from Wickenburg, population 3500+. So I went out there this morning to, hopefully, meet and interview these mercenaries upon our shores. I had already spoken to a couple of people who had gone to, or lived in Wickenburg, and found that they had spoken with the apparent leaders of these German visitors. They had camped out just North of the Yavapai County line. Wickenburg lies in Maricopa County, as does Phoenix.

I arrived at the location of the campsite with one of the individuals that had visited the camp on Thursday. We had to pull out his pictures to verify that this was the location because the campsite had been cleaned beyond what is normally found when 21 people have been camping for two days. After verifying the location we drove around the dirt roads for a couple of miles around the area to see if they had relocated. After about an hour of searching we returned to Wickenburg to meet a few of the local patriots who had also visited the strangers. We found, on our arrival at a local restaurant that a number of patriots had gathered and were discussing the events. The 21 member UN humanitarian team had been chased out, at gun-point, by two patriots the previous afternoon.

Leading up to this unfortunate chain of events were the misconception, on the part of the UN team, of what "UN peacekeepers" means to many Americans. Not to many years ago many of us felt that "peacekeeping" was a worthwhile activity. As we began to understand the underlying intent of these "peacekeeping" activities, we began to associate "peacekeepers" with BATF and FBI. The Germans, however, still perceive "peacekeeping" to mean what the name implies. They have not yet come to understand the evils of the one world government concept. Their purpose was, and hopefully, still is humanitarian. These are medical and medical support people whose purpose is to save lives, not take them.

The question arises as to whether the unfortunate, and untimely, conclusion of this little training exercise could have been avoided. The answer, at least in my mind, is, "Yes, it could have been avoided." The Sheriff, being the chief executive of the county, should understand the concerns of its citizenry. If he is to represent those people, he is bound to understand them, not just function as an administrator for the system. When the Yavapai and Maricopa County Sheriffs determined what was going on within, or near, their counties they should have notified local radio and press to inform them of the circumstances, and the obvious concerns. After all, the patriot communication network had transmitted across the country, in just a few hours, the occurrences, at least to the extent that could be understood by those reporting the incident. The Sheriffs, however, did not "go public" to educate those concerned with these strange happenings. The unknown nature created concern on the part of a few who then took into their own hands the protection of their community.

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