The communications center will be c/o DONT TREAD ON ME! Common Law Service Center, NEW ROAD INN, 4000 Jack Cultjen Parkway (South Loop, Interstate 35, Exit 331), Waco, Texas - Room 223. Phone number (817) 662-2442.

Messages may be left and picked up at the communications center. Only in emergencies will deliveries be attempted.

The assembly area will be designated by 10:00 AM, Sunday morning (March 7, 1993).

All participants should be in the assembly area by 11:45 AM. Information will be made available at the communication center, the "media" staging area and any other areas where activity is evident. Flyers will be distributed at these locations in limited quantities.

Upon notification of the assembly area location, it is imperative that everybody assemble as quickly and as orderly as possible. Random searches for drugs and/or weapons will be made. Anyone found with either will have the property turned over to, or reported to the Sheriff. These individuals will be barred from participation.

At the designated time, movement will begin in the direction of the Branch Davidian compound. Participants should maintain proper decorum for the march, and silence will provide our best protection. We will march ten abreast, and we will march to our objective. The peaceful assembly will be lead by the Gadsden County flag (yellow with rattlesnake and inscription "DONT TREAD ON ME"). There should be no slogans carried by anyone. Organization identification and state identification may be carried. This peaceful assembly is non-aligned. The sole purpose is to demonstrate that there are PATRIOTS in the country, still, who are willing to commit themselves to the protection of those rights, given by God, and unalienable, regardless of moral or philosophical differences. The true government of this great nation is interceding to maintain peace, and to present themselves to the administrative agency that has been the focus of attention for the past few days, and let them understand that the will of the People, not the desires of the administrative agency, is the "law" to be followed in this land.

Communication with the press should be conducted only by those so designated. Participants are encouraged not to speak for themselves during the assembly. The peaceful assembly must speak for itself to serve it"s purpose.

Anticipate a degree of hardship in this effort. Arrangements were made on very short notice. They will continue so as to provide the needs of the peaceful assembly. Food, water and sanitary facilities must be conserved. There is no valid statutory law that can prescribe what is acceptable and what is not to a Freeman, those choices must be made by the individual. Every effort is being made to provide these facilities. Those that are not satisfied with what is available accept responsibility for themselves. Those that will tolerate what is available assume individual responsibility for same.

The actions of the federal "military" forces are unpredictable, which is apparent by the occurrences of the past week, therefore every effort should be exerted to maintain discipline during this activity. The moral of the entire effort is based on the moral of each individual.

Sleeping facilities are non-existent at the compound. Each individual is responsible to himself for same.

No effort should be made to approach the buildings within the compound. The sleeping area, for those that remain through the night, will most likely be located between the BATF command area and the compound. Whether leaving this area after arrival will be restricted by the activities of BATF, or not, is not known at this time.

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