Vandalism (by your government)

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The Blues Streak Express was the road bus for Koresh"s musicians. The bus had recently been fixed up, to the tune of over $20,000.00. The FBI, given the need to leave their mark, used the barrel of a tank to move the bus.

wacoMcycles.jpg (58667 bytes)The Davidians enjoyed riding motorcycles. These had been left neatly parked. The FBI managed to run over them with a tank.

wacoMcycle.jpg (54299 bytes)One of the motorcycles was so badly damaged and had been pushed back into the burning Church, along with other evidence of the misdeeds of the government, that it was overlooked when the other vehicles were removed from the property.

wacoRitas.gif (73827 bytes)Rita Riddle"s car was used to transport some of the younger children out of Mt. Carmel early in March. The FBI used the car, without permission -- and returned it in far worse condition than when they received it.

wacofoodTruck.jpg (45062 bytes)This truck was used, among other things, to transport large amounts of food from Waco to Mt. Carmel. especially on those days that the women at Mt. Carmel didn"t want to cook. The bullet holes in the passenger side door enter downward. directly from the side of the truck and exit the floorboard. The were not a result of the original assault/gunfight, since that trajectory would have been impossible;

This leaves on to surmise whether it was an effort to "create evidence" or strictly childish vandalism, courtesy of the US government and the taxpayers dollars.


wacoChevybusfront.jpg (37981 bytes)What appears to be a rifle butt whole can be seen top-center of the windshield/


wacoChevybusside.jpg (37623 bytes)This bus/van was not even parked in front of Mt. Carmel during the raid. Perhaps it served as the official classroom for FBI training on battlefield vandalism.


wacoGreenvan2.jpg (41617 bytes)This is the van that two BATF agents hid in during the initial assault. In the testimony at trial, there was no mention of any shots hitting the van. Another effort to plant evidence?


wacoWhitecar.jpg (35538 bytes)The total disregard for personal property during the search for massive caches of firearms is rather disturbing. The thought that the FBI could have believed that the cache was in here is beyond comprehension. The personal property that might otherwise have survived the siege was left exposed to the elements and most was damaged beyond usefulness. Thousands of dollars of peoples money, stored in their cars, was not accounted for in the final search inventory.


wacoPauls.jpg (42055 bytes)Paul Fatta had spent thousands of dollars restoring this El Camino. The FBI, in an effort to get back at Paul for his elusiveness, probably destroyed this truck with absolute disdain for its owner. Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity?


Undrgrd2.jpg (406988 bytes)The "underground bunker" was, actually, a tornado shelter. Waco is in Tornado Alley and was nearly destroyed by tornadoes in the thirties. The main portion of the shelter is the far portion. It extends to the left quite a distance. he exposed portion near the camera leads to the water tower, which then goes to the Church.



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This is another picture of the tornado shelter. There is a rubber glove hanging from the ceiling, and an intact light bulb.

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