Verbicide (2:39:50) - May 30, 2013

Words are very important for the conveyance of concepts. The Founders were meticulous in their expression of concepts. Many words, however, have had their meanings changed by the educational process and other societal methods, the effect being that we have lost some of what we were as Americans. Does there exist today a form of genocide, to the very concept of Liberty itself, through the use of words to effect change by means of covert subversion of longstanding definitions?

Public Education (2:14:10) - April 29, 2013

An understanding of contemporary government schools reveals a widespread loathing by today's young people against the hegemonic control of curriculum, hypocritical authority figures, and American society itself. Where did this come from? It is because of the natural rebelliousness of youth, or is there something more sinister afoot deliberately tearing the next generation away from their heritage? What are their teachers doing with them during most of their waking hours, anyway: education, or indoctrination? How destructive has public schooling been to American civilization?

Taxes! What Are They For? (2:38:07) - April 15, 2013

Governments do not create value; anything they have was first taken from somebody else. The Framers understood the inherently dangerous nature of the State, which is why they sought to shackle it with the chains of the Constitution. Understanding the confiscatory powers of government is integral towards coming to terms with its justifications for why it initiates force against the citizenry.

I Don't Bank, Can You Do It Too? (2:42:21) - April 1, 2013

It is taken as a given, by most Americans, that nearly all commercial activity necessarily revolves around the use of a bank account. Despite general concerns about financial privacy (as well as legal statutes that effectively turn bank employees into de facto government informants), political dissidents commonly either recommend people should switch from having an account with a national bank to one with a regional bank or credit union, or they completely ignore this topic altogether. If Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street activists are both truly incredulous about the government's excuses regarding the malfeasance of high finance in recent years, is it not about time to at least consider a more consistent approach in successfully dealing with this particular area of the corporatocracy?

How To Talk To a Cop... If You Want To (2:52:77) - March 18, 2013

Professional police first appeared in America almost a half-century after the ratification of the Constitution. The Framers had contemplated enforcement of the Law as the duty of private citizens, with few constables and sheriffs on the side who could be called upon when necessary. Modern policing would be regarded by the Framers as abhorrent to the fundamental principles of republicanism, especially considering how the growth of militarized police has permanently expanded the centralized power of the State.

Historically, patriots have been particularly concerned about the behavior of the government's foremost agents in the field. Thus, it would behoove everyone within the Patriot Community to learn how to diplomatically interact with officers, by following some "rules of the road" so as to retain what liberty we have left. Tonight, we will be discussing how to handle police interrogations and what you need to do in order to turn these involuntary encounters around in your favor.

If We Did This, Would They Do That? (1:50:57) - March 4, 2013

Are members of the Patriot Community discouraged from engaging in certain activities because they anticipate certain consequences would occur if such activities were conducted? We will be looking at what behaviors are discouraged and what the implied consequences would be. What best serves restoration of Constitutional government?

The Social Contract (1:43:38) - February 18, 2013

Many people have their own peculiar notions of what constitutes a social contract. Some think that it is a mutually beneficial contract with government, yet others consider it to be an excuse for coercive manipulation by the state. Are either of these true, or is there another explanation altogether? More importantly, does any notion of the social contract really matter in terms of securing our Liberties?

Martial Law - Will They Declare It? (1:14:09) - February 4, 2013

It has been a common fear amongst those within the Patriot Community that with the growth of the American police state, it was only a matter of time until a condition of martial law was overtly enacted. However, does it really benefit the enemy rebel government to place Americans en garde in order to push their tyrannical agenda? Are military checkpoints laced with concertina wire filled with armed soldiers asking for your "papers" really a realistic expectation? Or is perhaps the entire notion of a governmentally imposed "martial law" simply a myth?

Security Teams (1:25:31) - January 21, 2013

Security Teams function as an extension of, and an added layer of preparedness and self-defense, not only of a single individual, or situation, but of each member of the team and their family.

Given the many situations in which a higher standard of awareness and security is required, actually demanded, each team member must be assured of other member's individual commitment to the group's overall security.

This program on Security Teams will cover a wide range of topics related to the "How, Why, and When" of forming Security Teams, and will include information addressing the greatest vulnerabilities faced by individuals and groups seeking such additional layers of preparedness.

Randy and the Feds (2:29:48) - January 7, 2013

On July 20, 2012, Randy Mack received a rather surprising visit from and Alphabet Agency of the government. The visit lasted over three hours and makes for a rather interesting story. Randy will be discussing this visit on this special program.

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