From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
Date: APRIL 14, 1993

Today we heard Special Agent Swensen again inform us that the FBI and BATF were concerned with the welfare of the children within the complex. He suggested that the Branch Davidians would hold the children up to the window as a shield when the Davidians wanted to look out and see what was occurring to their once peaceful yard.

Perhaps the Davidians are letting the children look at the military equipment running around (a favorite pastime among children around the country, especially in conjunction with a parade). It could also be possible that the Davidians are aware of the sniper constantly on duty in the house once occupied by Robert Gonzales, the agent who had "infiltrated" the Church. Perhaps even from the sniper located behind sandbags out by the barn, who I might add, is easily observable from the tower, which indicates the lack of desire for blood on the part of the Davidians.

So, why would Swensen and other agents, continue to bring this issue up? Could it be that they are upset because they cannot get a clear shot to murder someone inside the complex? Since there is no active gun-battle going on this seems to be the only purpose served.

I guess we could also look a little further and see that perhaps there is a legitimate concern on the part of BATF/FBI for the health, safety and welfare of the children who remain inside, apparently because they choose to remain inside. The government, after all, has taken upon itself the task of protecting children from their parents all over the country. If a parent were unwilling or unable to pay the water bill or the electric bill, the government would say that the parents were unworthy and would transfer custody to the state, or adoptive parents. The fact that taxes and the poor state of the economy notwithstanding, the inability of the parents would be sufficient for the parents to be declared "unfit". So, what happens when the government is responsible for the removal of basic health and comfort commodities such as water and electricity? Easy, they declare the parents "unfit." Simple isn"t it?

Just think, some states have laws which do not even allow the power company or the water company to turn off services even for non-payment of the bill, if there are children living in the house. So, the parents can"t do it, the utility company can"t do it, but the government can! And then they can blame the parents for being bad parents, even though the children themselves seem to be healthy, stable, well educated and full of self-confidence.

It truly does appear that government has become our master, absolutely, rather than our servant. The concepts upon which this great nation were founded are being ground into the dirt just like the motorcycles, dirt bikes, four-wheelers and cars that were once parked peacefully in front of the home of these children, waiting to transport or entertain them.

So, who has made the children victims? Those that would protect and educate and love them, or those who would tear them away from their parents, destroy their yard/playground and deprive them of the healthy benefits of water and power?

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