From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 12, 1993

Today"s press conference, as so many in the past, included the claim that the FBI seeks a peaceful solution to the situation at Mt. Carmel.

On March 9, David Koresh indicated his desire to achieve a peaceful solution to the siege. The FBI, however, continues to color Koresh as not desirous of a peaceful solution. They allege that Koresh has lied to the attorney that they selected to represent him. however they refuse to allow the only course toward peaceful resolution that Koresh has made publicly.

We are in day 44 and we have had no public statement by Koresh that any of the statements made by the FBI are true. It is the FBI that claims that Koresh does not want a peaceful solution, perhaps, a setup!

Today, Bob Ricks said, "the only person who is important to this whole scenario is David Koresh. If somebody had the magic formula, the magic words that would cause David Koresh to come out, certainly we would be seeking that."

We have here an opportunity to put Mr. Koresh"s words of March 9 to the test. Words expressed to thousands of people that he was desirous of a peaceful solution, yet we rave a federal agency unwilling, after all of their claims, to allow an effort toward resolution by this simple remedy. It is beyond me how they will not allow this simple request of Mr. Koresh to be tried in an effort for peaceful resolution. What will it hurt to try? Would it be an embarrassment to the FBI if the solution were this simple?

Perhaps it is time for the FBI to stop making claims that they appear not to want to accomplish or, they should allow an effort that was agreeable to David Koresh, and probably still is, to find that peaceful solution we all desire. What are they afraid of, anyway? Is not every effort worth trying to avoid further loss of life?

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