From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 10, 1993

In motions filed with district court in Boise, Idaho, Gerry Spence, attorney for Randy Weaver, said, "the FBI"s first rules of engagement were that any armed adult at the Weaver residence should be killed. That these rules of engagement were illegal since the FBI possess no power to change the law in order to permit officers to kill when the officers or others are not in eminent danger of death or serious bodily injury." Spence"s- conclusions were based upon grand jury testimony by Richard Rogers, commander of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team.

As can be observed in the videos shown by a Waco television station, an agent would yell "window", and fire would begin peppering the area of the window indicated. This has been confirmed by those who have since come out of the complex. Can we construe from this that a similar order had been given here in Waco, or, at least, that the policy in practice on February 28th was similar to that order given in Idaho?

If we still wonder whether the shooting was indiscriminate on February 28th, let"s look at a couple of situations. First, Mike Schroeder was shot on the afternoon of February 28th in a gunfight with the BATF. Surely someone would have realized that he had hit Schroeder, unless, of course, the fire were indiscriminate. It was days later when the BATF "realized" that there was a body on the fence and removed it, or did they leave the body in the weather for days just out of spite?

The other situation revolves around Peter Gent, who was killed at the top of the water tower. His body is clearly visible in the aforementioned videos, but was allowed to remain for days, as well. In this case it was about a week. Perhaps sufficient time for decomposition to obliterate evidence as to where he was shot from. Now, I"m sure that many have missed seeing the body on the tower. If you review the videos I"m sure that you will now see the body as clearly as you would hear a dripping faucet. I"m equally sure that the BATF/FBI was fully aware of the existence of the body from the first day. Unfortunately, while they were removing their dead and wounded, they would not allow the same opportunity to the Church members. Nor has there been any indication that the Church members have been allowed any more than to bury the badly decomposed body of Gent.

Weaver"s 14 year old son Sammy"s body was left in a shed for quite a few days with no offer to allow burial, and was subsequently removed by federal forces, sent to another state for autopsy, which, under Idaho law, prohibited the autopsy from being considered as evidence, and was then cremated. Weaver"s wife, Vicky, was left under the dinning room table in the cabin until the "assault" was over, then disposed of in like manner to Sammy"s.

The only conclusion appears to be that the people are of no consequence. Only members of the government assault teams are worthy of proper medical and burial attention. I guess our purpose has become "to serve the government" rather than the government "to serve the people".

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