From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
APRIL 5, 1993

Early in March, a number of pleadings were filed in the federal district court on behalf of David Koresh. All of the pleadings were denied for one reason or another. So, what happened after that? We can follow one of the trails that will lead us through some rather intriguing events.

Dick DeGeurin was retained by Bonnie Haldeman, mother of Vernon Howell, a.k.a. David Koresh. It has been reported that Ms. Haldeman has contracted a $75,000 book deal, but this is not the point of this story.

Years ago, Dick DeGeurin attended law school with none other than William Sessions, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Upon being rejected in the federal district court, Mr. DeGeurin contacted his old friend Bill Sessions in an effort to gain access to the very isolated David Koresh. After weeks of effort the old friendship finally paid off. On March 29, Dick DeGeurin, as a result of the efforts of the FBI, was allowed access to his "client", David Koresh. It makes you wonder what sort of representation David has after having his representative negotiating access to his client through these secretive means, wondering if any secret deals or relationships were established in the process. This is compounded by the airing of a "secret" meeting between DeGeurin, Zimmerman (attorney for Steve Schneider), Bob Ricks and Jeff Jamar (both of FBI) in a car in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

This, in and of itself, creates some serious questions, but let us take this story a little further. Ron Engleman, of Dallas radio station KGBS, has remained silent since the March 9th program. It has been reported that Mr. Engleman, station personnel and others met in private after that program and that Engleman has refused to discuss the content of that meeting since that date.

To that point, Ron Engleman was known for his very thorough reporting of the facts that were available regarding the siege at Waco. Subsequently Dick DeGeurin has contacted Ron to "control" what information will be aired on a program which David Koresh is known to listen to.

Ron, not wishing to miss a good deal, wanted assurance that he would be allowed to accompany DeGeurin, if and when he was to enter the complex to escort Koresh into federal hands. It is presumed that Ron was attempting to secure an exclusive, however, it appears that this is not the only exclusive that has been offered. At any rate, wishing confirmation of the "deal", Ron requested confirmation. The FBI then contacted Ron directly to assure him that the previously denied access would be granted at the time of surrender.

So, we have any attorney who has been given "complete confidentiality", as per Bob Ricks, and has met in secret with the FBI. We have a radio talk show host who may have compromised himself for an "exclusive". We have FBI involvement in the control of media, perhaps more than just this incident. We wave the obvious control of the dissemination of information coming from the complex and a very dirty filter in interpreting the words of David Koresh. It is beginning to appear that we have a situation revolving around the simple service of an arrest warrant and two search warrants that is resulting in more intrigue than the now infamous Iran-Contra affair.

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