From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 30, 1993

Let's think a bit about what the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, the protection of the right to counsel, has always included choice, until now. David Koresh, in front of an audience of thousands, conveyed power of attorney to Gary Hunt on March 9, 1993. The FBI, at that time, denied me entry into the complex. Neither the FBI nor federal court has denied the Power of Attorney. The court did deny involvement because, as they stated, we had not exhausted all remedies. The result, then, is that David Koresh has already selected someone to represent his interests. The FBI has denied him that right by denying me access. They have now presented Mr. Dick DeGeurin to Mr. Koresh as his only choice of counsel.

Now, you must understand that Mr. DeGeurin was recently denied, along with others, on their temporary restraining orders. One of the reasons for denial was "lack of standing" which means that none of the attorneys had an interest in the matter. So, the court has said that DeGeurin does not represent Koresh, but the FBI says that he does. The court has not said that Hunt does not have standing, but the FBI says that they don't care if he does or not.

Imagine yourself in litigation. The other side says, "we'll pick your attorney for you, whether you want it or not." You've already picked someone to represent your interests, but the other side says that this doesn't matter. You have a choice of the guy we picked, or you will not have counsel.

What can I say, but, "welcome to Waco!"

Let's also think what would happen if your landlord cut your water, power and electric, etc., off. You would have recourse, through the legal process, to restore those vital services. After all, they are provided based upon performance of a contract with the utility company. Now, suppose you don't perform on your contract and the utilities are cut off. Child Protective Services, or the equivalent, comes in and says that you have violated the laws in regard to properly providing for your children, therefore, they will assume ownership of your children and provide care for them. Believe me, this is happening all over America today.

Well, what we have here is the government violating the right to contract, creating an unsafe situation for the children, blaming the parents for the deficiency and accusing them of child abuse.

I know that we have all thought about this issue before. We've just let it pass because it didn't affect us. Heck, we probably never will say anything about it until it does affect us. But, have we ever wondered if anybody will say anything if it ever does get to the point of affecting us?

When are we, as Americans, going to learn what the Founding-Fathers knew -- that if we cannot look out for our neighbors, then we should never question why they will not look out for us.

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