From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 23, 1993

We have become complacent with the knowledge that we are governed by representatives of our own choosing. We have learned from our history the need for this representation and how it protects us from usurpation of the fundamental rights we have come to cherish, so secure in the knowledge that we are the People that truly are the government, the deciders of the destiny of this great nation which we have received as our birthright. This is the truth that history has taught us and the constitution protected for us.

This, then, is what we accept as truth, but, do we truly understand how our country is run? Who is in control? And, even if those we have elected to represent us have the power that we assume to annually grant them?

Not too many years ago, within every level of government, there were commissioners, selected from those who were elected to represent us. We had Commissioners of Police, Commissioners of Public Works, Commissioners of Finance - each and every one of them elected by us, to represent us and to be responsible to us for their actions. They were our power in government, our control over government and our lawful method of directing government to serve us rather then itself.

Slowly the size of government grew and the demands upon the time of those elected by us was redirected toward endeavors aside from the direct control of government. Planners told us through the representatives, that it was necessary for our representatives to devote themselves to legislative efforts and to delegate their authority, and ours, to appointees, who, by training, were more qualified to conduct the everyday business of government. These appointees slowly acquired experience and power in the conduct of their duties. They also achieved the means to grant favors in the administration of their duties and to receive the same from the beneficiaries of their favors. They established a permanence in government and an apparent expertise that they told us was absolutely necessary to conduct government in a manner more efficient than those who were elected to that purpose were able to provide.

The administrators had become so entrenched that the current stock of "elected representatives" have satisfied themselves that this is the nature of government. The elected have been taught that they may pass two types of legislation. One being those laws they feel will satisfy their own personal agendas, the other being those laws recommended by the "experts" for their "administration of government." The elected representatives have never really bothered to evaluate the affect of either form of legislation as it relates to our established form of government, nor will the administrators ever inform them that what they have done is far from their Constitutional authority, for surely these "experts" are knowledgeable in their specific areas and are quite capable in those determinations that were once the sacred providence of the people through their lawful representation.

Today we have lost the concept of government by the people. We have come to be ruled by administrative agencies with only the funding requirements of those agencies being met by those chosen to represent us. The administrative agencies have been given the freedom to perform social experimentation at the expense of the people to whom they have no direct allegiance.

These administrative agencies have gained control of our destiny, which, by right, should be controlled by us through our representatives. They have decided our morality, by laws passed, and have often overruled the desires of the people to create their owns laws in the name of government.

They have revised our history books to remove the principles upon which this nation was established, and replaced them with their own "politically correct" versions so as to affect our morality and beliefs. They have distorted the inherent and unalienable rights that so much blood has been shed for throughout our history, in favor of methods of control that are more consistent with the methods of our enemies of the past.

They have used their administrative staffs, and our funds, to devise ways of usurping, even more, our power until we have come to the point of absolute submission to this cancer that is so foreign to our historic way of life. They have destroyed the fundamental concepts of Freedom and Liberty that had made this the greatest nation the world has ever known, and we have not even noticed this decline until we see the likes of the events that have recently become so common across the nation.

Today, here in Waco, Texas, these agencies are in the process of establishing a degree of control over us that is as absolute as any dictator in the history of man. They have encamped around a church. The principle element of the establishment of the morality of this once great and moral nation. They have justified their actions by the bastardization of a simple tax upon one of the fundamental rights, which, without, this country would have continued under British rule to this day. Their current actions reek much of the actions of the British back in April, 1775, as they marched into Lexington and Concord with the purpose of securing the weapons of the colonists which had been stockpiled against this very form of transgression. They have ignored the protections of government, once guaranteed and protected as the right of free men. They have ignored the principles of the common man in favor of a ruling elite. They have imposed tortures upon those besieged that we might once have considered barbaric, even if applied to an enemy. They have denied, absolutely, the right of all free men to communicate with others and to have the right to and assistance of counsel. Our fellow Americans are held hostage by the very government that was created to protect them, and us. They have been forced to submit to conditions dictated by agencies rather than those elected to represent them. They have been denied humanitarian aid, unless they submit to rules and treatment inconsistent with their desires and beliefs, even after the church members allowed the agency to have complete access and control over their dead and wounded.

Just over two hundred years ago the various counties within the colonies established militias to contend with the threat posed by the continual tightening of governmental authority of the British. Common to many was the motto, "Dont Tread On Me", symbolized by a coiled rattlesnake, which, when left peaceably, threatens none, but when trodden upon, strikes as viciously as any other creature on earth.

When the previously described events of April, 1775 occurred, the rattlesnake uncoiled itself in an attack that lasted eight years and laid waste to the greatest military force the world had ever known. The spirit of the rag-tag army that took upon themselves this awesome task was the same spirit which was willing to come to the aid of those brave men who first faced the British forces that had come to seize the weapons that were not only a birthright, but necessary for the preservation of the freedoms that were then being denied by the British. The willingness to come to the aid of those first defenders who stood against the British at Lexington was the very heartthrob of the spirit of liberty. The willingness to defend their neighbors as they would themselves was to become the meaning and spirit of what would be known as America.

Have we, in these past two hundred years, come full circle to again challenge that spirit to determine if the hearts of men are still desirous Liberty and Freedom? Has Waco become the Lexington and Mount Carmel the Concord? Is the spirit and the desire to remain free as strong as that spirit was then? Are we still willing to make the commitment that has always been known to be the price of Liberty?

I need not repeat the words of Patrick Henry when he proclaimed, on March 23, 1775, what his course would be. It may, however, be time for each and every American to evaluate whether this great nation and noble experiment will continue to slide into the socialized depths of democracy, or once again rear it"s head to strike out in the cause of Liberty and a Constitutional Republic of free men.

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