From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Waco, Texas
MARCH 18, 1993

At the Wednesday morning press conference conducted by BATF and FBI in Waco, Texas, Mr. Bob Ricks of the FBI was asked whether there would be any effort to provide health supplies and remedies to the church members inside the Mt. Carmel church complex, in conjunction with the American Red Cross. His answer was that there were no communications along that line.

Wednesday afternoon I was finally able to get through to Mr. Manny Marquees, with whom I had been attempting to arrange for provision of these products to the Church, and was told that there was no means by which this humanitarian effort could be accomplished. When asked if it was the desire of the FBI to see Pastor Koresh dead, there was a lack of response.

Mr. Armand Marcelli, of the American Red Cross in Virginia, was contacted regarding the Red Cross intervening to provide life saving humanitarian aid to those besieged church members. Mr. Marcelli"s response was that this was a civil action rather than a military one, and that the Red Cross had no policy that would allow any intervening to provide this aid. He indicated that since there was a violation of the law, the Red Cross could not get involved. It appears that the United States has come full circle from a government under British rule in which the arbitrary authority of the Crown was the law to where the arbitrary authority of the government, without the protections of the Bill of Rights, has become the law without judgment of a jury of peers.

Because the government has alleged a crime, the denial of due process subjects those American and foreign citizens to treatment that is less than what would be offered the enemy in time of war. A clever little tool, this. Pastor Koresh may die as a result of his injuries, and judgment has been made by none other than some negotiator in the federal system, not even by an elected representative. What ever happened to the American ethic of making the condemned well before execution?

Have we forgotten that the morality of the government is the morality of the people? Have we allowed the government to conduct themselves with a morality that is foreign to our very nature? Or, have we reduced ourselves to a morality that would have been repugnant to our Founding Fathers?

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