Obstruction of Justice

by Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom
April 11, 1998

"Obstruction of Justice" was the threat made by Mr. Merryday, the presiding judge in the Tampa Common Law Court trial. Consequently, Obstruction of Justice seemed appropriate for this series about the tainted jury that sat for the trial. Of course, at the time, the threat was leveled against those who had exposed the fact that the juror was, in fact, Matthew Lee Finch, felon currently on probation.

As the investigation continued, it was becoming apparent that something was amiss. For example, when I arrived in Tampa to testify, it became apparent, as was confirmed by others who had been observing the trial, that every witness for the defendants was "being run" through the NCIC computer system and any other available source to determine who they were, whether they had a record and if they could be arrested on an outstanding warrant. Fortunately, I was clean. At least one witness, however, was arrested after his testimony on an outstanding warrant.

The Court has acknowledged that a "Hashimoto" investigation had been performed on the potential jurors prior to Voir Dire. Whether the Court had knowledge of the results, or those were kept closely guarded by the Prosecution (AUSA Peluso an AUS Monk), we do not know. What we do know is that the Assistant United States Attorney had sufficient information to warrant further investigation into whether Finch satisfied the requirements under 28 USC 1865 (b) (5) to be qualified to sit on the jury.

Although the Court and the AUSA have argued that they are not sure whether Finch can be identified as having been charged or convicted of a felony (since adjudication has been withheld), this has nothing to do with the instructions given by the judge in open court, nor the above cited federal law applicable to "qualifications of jurors."

What clearly presents itself is the fact that the AUSAs Monk and Peluso not only overlooked a violation of federal law with regard to the jury, they were complicit in an overt act to seat a juror they knew to be legally disqualified. They were party to a crime of conspiracy to obstruct justice and tamper with the jury.

Now come the judge, Mr. Merryday. Although there is nothing yet to indicate that he worked with Monk and Peluso in their conspiracy, there is little doubt that he is fast becoming an accomplice and a conspirator. The law is quite clear, and the case law is quite clear, yet Merryday continues to dance around and avoid the calling a mistrial or vacating the conviction.

He has sat through numerous hearings and heard the prosecuting attorney's lie. Proof of those lies has been presented. At least one of the defense attorneys had lied when she stated that she knew that the Order waiving Finch's jail time was not granted. I have a copy of this order in front of me. Finch's motion was to buy out the jail time and to extend the probation for six months. Instead, judge Douglas W. Baird of the Circuit Court waived the "sixty (60) day period of incarceration imposed as part of the Defendant's sentence." This order was signed on April 7, 1998.

According to one source, the Florida State Attorney's office even contacted the AUSA and affirmed that Finch has served the government -- and, I tend to believe that simple jury service was not the issue.

This trial's beginning was fraught with fraud and perjury on the part of the government. Internal Revenue Special Agent Robert Quigley, in an effort to make a contrived (perjured) story hold merit with the jury, explained that his recording device wasn't working at one meeting, since it was being held in the basement of the Casselberry branch of the Seminole County Library. Without the tape to back him up, he told stories that would have created a stir in the jurors had it not been refuted, and proven absolutely false in subsequent testimony by a defense witness. You see, there is no basement meeting room in the Casselberry branch of the Library -- only an attempt to have perjury accepted as evidence.

Internal Revenue Service Investigator Timothy Camus has made a personal vendetta of pursuing patriots. To what extent he might go to achieve a conviction is hard to say. What may be said, however, is that Camus would have to be damned stupid to not have been aware of the false testimony of Quigley. In addition, being in attendance at the trial and having the entire resource of the Internal Revenue Service at his disposal, it is ludicrous to believe that he was not aware of the investigation (if he didn't perform it himself) of the potential jurors.

Judge Merryday is so intent on bringing Obstruction of Justice charges against those who have committed such a crime. If this federal judge is true to his word, he will have already begun to pick up where the press (yes, even the Tampa Tribune) has left off (although we are not through, yet). The evidence is quite sufficient to warrant charges against the entire prosecution team for both Obstruction of Justice and Jury Tampering. The very misconduct of the judiciary that is now being exemplified in Tampa, Florida is the underlying cause for the creation of Common Law Courts around the country. When the Halls of Justice are no longer capable of providing the Justice that so much blood has been let for, then there is no alternative but to accept the condition of slavery and servitude created by the lack of justice, or to seek a venue where justice might be found.

Ironically, the very case that attempted to quash the Common Law Courts is beginning to provide the proof that only in those Courts can we hope to find Justice.

Mr. Merryday, you are one of them!

Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom -- and guilty of Obstruction of Injustice

(Note: Douglas Carpa, although in jail awaiting a decision in this matter, is available for radio interviews. Contact Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom, for instruction on how to make contact for this purpose.

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