The recent trial in Tampa, Florida resulted in the conviction of all but one of the defendants. Toby Brown, Pro Per, succeeded in proving his innocence. Doug Carpa, the only other Pro Per, as convicted along with the other defendants, all represented by counsel (bar attorneys), although not of their choice, rather, the court"s.

After the trial was completed, a letter from a local attorney (representing defendant Emilio Ippolito) brought to light a rather bizarre circumstance. One of the jurors was alleged to have been convicted of a felony, and was still on probation while serving as a juror.

The diligent research by some concerned citizens has resulted in the identification (remember, the jury was anonymous) of juror #13, who replaced another juror the day that the case went to deliberation.

If you would like to express your concern over any aspect of Emilio Ippolito,
his daughter Susan Mokdad, Doug Carpa, Phillip Marsh, Charles Dunnigan, Jack
Warren, Larry Moore, you may contact judge Merryday, he can be reached at:
Steven D. Merryday"s telephone #: (813) 228-2861; FAX# (813) 228-2339.

Remember, however, when you contact him, that the trial was over threats
to judges and jurors. Don"t become one of the Tampa co-conspirators.

For those who do not wish to call or fax, I have an e-mail address
which, if you put in the Subject, Judge Merryday, Tampa, Florida, I am
sure he will receive it. Just send it to:
Elizabeth Banister: Public Information Officer

Carpa"s motions:

First motion

First Amended motion

Second Amended motion

Third Amended motion


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