1986 Incident Report



Incident No. 870910025

Type of Incident: Child Molest Date & Time: Mon. 09/01/86 Ė 0730 to Fri. 10/31/86 Ė 1600

Location of Occurrence: 2430 Leavenworth St. Location sent to: 2475 Greennich St.

Reporting Officer (R/O): Insp. G. Pamiloff #228

Victim (V): Almond, Kinsey M. White Female DOB: 09/01/83

Address: 1431-D, Battery Caulfield, Presidio

Reporting Party #1(R/P1): Adams-Thompson, Larry P. White Male DOB: 01/16/49

Address: 1431-D, Battery Caulfield, Presidio

Stepfather of Victim

Suspect (S1): Aquino, Michael A. Other Male DOB: 10/16/46 Alias: Mikey

Address: 2430 Leavenworth St.

Reporting Party #2 (P2): Adams-Thompson, Michele E.; WF 19/17/57 1431-D Battery Caulfield, Presidio

Reporting Officer #2 (R2): Foreman, Clyde, WM, FBI Special Agent, 450 Golden Gate Av.

Suspect #2 (S2) Aquino, Lilith (AKA Sinclair), WF, 04/21/42, 2430 Leavenworth St. (AKA Shamby)

Suspect #3 (S3): Hambright, Gary W., WM, 07/07/53, 208 Delores St.

Narr: On Thu. 08/13/87, 1530 HRS, R/O was told by R2 that he had interviewed R/P1, P2 and V and had gotten information that V had been molested in the City and County of San Francisco. R/O phoned R/P1 and an appointment was made with he and V, Fri. 08/14/87 Ė 0900 at Juvenile Division.

R/P1 stated that between the above dates and times, V was dropped off at San Francisco Presidio Day Care Center approximately four or five times. R/P1 states that on two occasions when he picked up V at the end of the day, he was informed by S2 that V had wet her pants and R/P1 was provided with the soiled panties, and on one, and on one occasion with soiled outer pants. This was unusual as V had not wet herself in approximately a year. At this time, V started having nightmares, and would wet herself when frightened. R/P1 states that in Jan. of 1987 he became aware a child molest investigation involving S2 at the Presidio Day Care Center. V was questioned on 01/14/87 by an FBI Agent but made no definitive statements. V was subsequently into Child Therapy in Feb. 1987 and after four visits, the therapist informed R/P1 that V had disclosed being molested by S2 and a "Mikey" and a "Shamby", whose identities were unknown.

On Wed, 08/12/87 R/P1, P2 and V were at the Presidio PX when V ran to R/P1 and in a frightened way clutched his leg. R/P1 at this time looked up and saw S1 whom he knew to be Michael Aquino; S1 was wearing a white shirt, and R/P1 asked V if she knew the man in the white shirt. V looked up but didnít respond. R/P1 called over P2 and again V was asked if she knew S1. At this time V said "Yes, Thatís Mikey." R/P1 then took V outside to their car. V then added "heís a bad man and Iím afraid." P2 then exited and R/P1 drove around to the other side of the PX. At this time R/P1 saw S2, who he knew to be the wife of S1. R/P1 asked V if she knew S2, at which time she responded, "Yes, Thatís Shamby." R/P1, P2 and V went home and called R2.

On 08/13/87 morning R2 interviewed V, who stated that S3, "Mr. Gary," whom she identified from a photo spread, had placed his penis into her bottom, vagina and mouth. V stated that with Mr. Gary to his house where S3 took photographs of her. S1 "Mikey" and S2 "Shamby" were present and S1 also put his penis into her mouth, bottom and vagina, just like Mr. Gary. V stated that S1 and S3 dressed up in girls clothing and S2 dressed up in boys clothing. V states that the house had a bathtub with lions feet. R2 and V accompanied by P2 responded to the 2400 Block of Leavenworth and V was to see if she could recognize any of the homes that she had beent o before. While walking past 2430 Leavenworth, V identified that as the of Mr. Gary where she had met "Mikey" and "Shamby". R2 confirmed that S1 is listed on the mail box, and the local mail carrier advised R2 that S1 is still receiving mail at 2430 Leavenworth. Pacific Bell shows S1 having the entire upper floor; Apt 1, Apt 2 & rear unit. R/O confirmed with PG&E {Pacific Gas and Electric] that S1 is listed as receiving service at 2430 Leavenworth, top and base. S1ís DMV records also list his residence as 2430 Leavenworth.

On Fri. 08/14/87, R2 re-interviewed V who states she was filmed with a movie camera with steady lights while she bathed in a plastic lion bathtub. V states the living room had black walls and a cross painted on the ceiling.

[End Incident Report]

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