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Christopher Nathaniel Blystone

General Information

DOB:              May 18, 1976

                        born in Dallas, Texas

Address:         51 County Road SE 3490

                        Winnsboro, Texas 75494-2200

Phone:            (903) 285-0915

Father: Stanley Edward Blystone
Mother: Leona Ruth Grimmelsman

Spouse (1): Michel R Lain
Married: April 26, 1996
Divorce: August 4, 1997 - Camp, Texas
Children: 1

Spouse (2): possibly Amy

Criminal Record:

1993, December 13 - Wood County, Texas - Speeding
                        12/13/1993 CASE FILED  - SPEEDING - 97 MPH/55 MPH -
                01/12/1994 SPEEDING - 97 MPH/55 MPH - GUILTY
                01/12/1994 FINE PAID $138.00

1996, February 29 - Titus County, Texas - Theft >=$50<$500
                        02/29/1996 COMPLAINT & INFORMATION CAPIAS ISSUED TO TCSO
                04/01/1996 CAPIAS SERVED IN RAINS CO. ON 3/29/96
                04/10/1996 APPEARANCE BOND
                04/11/1996 ORDER SETTING PRE-TRIAL HEARING FOR
                4/25/96 12/18/1996 MOTION TO DISMISS AND ORDER

 1996, November 18 - Titus County, Texas - Theft of Services >=$20 <$500 (ex 02)
                        11/18/1996 COMPLAINT & INFORMATION CAPIAS ISSUED TO TCSO
01/10/1997 CAPIAS

 Note: This case was, apparently, dismissed, because Blystone had enlisted in the Army. They Army probably would not take him with a pending charge. This would explain the Court's willingness to dismiss.

 2007, March 19 - Wood County, Texas - Speeding
                03/19/2007 CASE FILED SPEEDING - 71 MPH/60 MPH -
                03/19/2007 Nolle Contendere
                03/19/2007 FINE PAID $155.00

 2009, February 20 - Hopkins County, Texas - Theft by Check >=$20 <$500
                        02/20/2009 COMPLAINT AND INFORMATION

 2011, October 11 - Smith County, Texas - UNAUTHORIZED USE OF VEHICLE
                Case Information

                Filed on 12/15/2011  [Cause Number 241-1685-11]

                09/05/11-UNAUTH USE OF VEHICLE

                State Felony

                $20,000.00 Bond Set on 01/10/2012 by 1St Choice Bail Bonds

                Current Status of Bond: Current/Active as of 10/11/2011

                Disposition Information

                06/04/2012 - Deferred Adjudication Entered

                Presiding Judge: Jack Skeen Jr.

                Probation: 4 Years

                Community Service: 200.0 Hours

                Court Costs: $318.00

                Other Fees: $3,326.00

                Current Balance: $1,080.00


                04/13/2012 Friday 8:00am Arraignment - Result: Hearing Not Needed

                04/30/2012 Monday 10:00 am Jury Trial - Result: CONTINUED

                06/04/2012 Monday 10:00 am Jury Trial - Result: Plea Entered

                Events and Orders of the Court

                06/04/2012 PLEA PAPERS

                06/04/2012 ORDER OF DEFERRED ADJUDICATION


Original Charge: Theft of property >=$20k <100k  Level and Degree of Offense ( Felony 3rd Degree)   31.03 (e) (5)

Prosecutor changed charge; to Unauthorized Use of Vehicle. Level and Degree or offense Felony State Jail  31.07

Note: The last case, Unauthorized use of Vehicle ( 31.07) is defined as:

(a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly operates another's boat, airplane, or motor-propelled vehicle without the effective consent of the owner.

(b) An offense under this section is a state jail felony.

Note: The result was a Plea Agreement, entered on June 4, 2012, with a probation period of 4 years. This means that he is a Felon ("state jail felony"), though Adjudication was Deferred on the same date as the Plea Agreement. That Deferred Adjudication means that upon completion of the required Plea Agreement and Probationary Period, which continues until June 3, 2016, if Blystone does as the state requires, he will leave with a clean record.

Consider that he pled to a felony. Since he is on probation, he would need permission from the Probation Officer to leave the County, and an order from a Judge to leave the State. This is confirmed, as stated by his current Probation Officer (mp3). Further, since the Firearm Possession laws of Texas enacted in 1949, the only exception where a felon can possess a firearm is at his home, only after five years front the completion of his sentence.

However, with the advent of CCW licenses, a question arose on the subject of whether a person of Deferred Adjudication could possess a firearm. The definition in Texas Government Code, 171, he Attorney General's Opinion, and a private attorney's opinion, are here (pdf). Their conclusion is that someone on Deferred Adjudication could not possess a firearm, since the adjudication was pending.  This would prohibit Blystone from possessing a firearm during the 4- years probationary period.

Military Record:

Blystone's DD 214 (pdf) was obtained through an FOIA request. The following is an analysis of the information in the DD 214 as well as attached documents:

It appears that Blystone had some training prior to entry into service; Page 1, line 14, MOS 91R Medical Specialist (January 1995). That same line indicates that he had Veterinary Training in May 1997, during his term of service.

His second entry into Active Service (page 4) indicates that he entered on a 4 year enlistment with the grade of E-3, PFC, on January 24, 1997 (page 1, line 12b)

From his "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty" (Page 1), his primary duty (line 11) was Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist (MOS 91R10)

MOS 91R10 is defined as:

Inspects food products designated for human consumption on receipt and in storage. Selects food samples using statistical sampling methods, makes sensory evaluations, determines and records temperatures of products and food in storage areas. Evaluates packaging, packing and marking requirements in accordance with DoD standards and contractual documents. Classifies defects, determines quality of product, advises supervisor, and prepares subsistence inspection reports. Collects, prepares, and transmits samples to laboratory for testing. Identifies unsanitary conditions in food storage facilities and commissary stores. Operates and maintains inspection equipment. Packs, unpacks, loads, unloads, and assists in setting up veterinary unit equipment. Performs duties in accordance with approved standards of conduct and reports suspected fraud.
(reference )

His Record of Service (page 1, line 12) shows entry into service on January 24, 1997; His date of rank (pay grade - Pvt. E-1) effective April 11, 1998; and, his separation from service on May 11, 1998. His Foreign Service is 10 months, 13 days, and he was separated from Yongsan Seoul, Korea.

He served with the 106th Medical Detachment (line 8). The 106th is part of the 65th Medical Brigade, and the Mission of the 106th is:

The 106th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Support Service) is a diverse organization in South Korea. Our primary mission is to provide support if necessary for the transition to hostilities. However, we are also responsible for veterinary public healthcare support through comprehensive food protection and veterinary medical and surgical care for government owned animals. Our mission of veterinary medical and surgical care for privately owned animals is limited due to our primary mission and therefore is on a space available basis.


Awards received (page 1, line 13) "Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal (1st OLC), National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Expert Field Medical Badge, Nothing follows"

The final note on page 1, line 18, says that he "has not completed his full term of service".

Page 2 is Orders: 120-002, which are orders for Discharge from service, tentative for May 7, 1998.

Page 4 is Enlistment/Reenlistment Document. It appears to be his only enlistment document, since it shows no prior service (line 7), though he enters at a pay grade of E-3.  That entry grade might have something to do with the previous medical training (Page 1, line 14).

His enlistment is for 4 years, beginning on January 24, 1997.  He was discharged just 1 year 3 months later at a reduced grade of E-1. There is no available record of any disciplinary proceedings, though there is no other way to account for this.

Synopsis of Military Career:

August 1994: entered Army, possibly on a deferred enlistment and received Medical Specialist (91R) training (10 weeks).

January 1995: concluded initial active service and training.

January 24, 1997: Began 4 year enlistment at PFC

May 1997: Completed 8 week training as Field Veterinary Specialist (91R10).

May 7, 1997: Assigned to 106th Medical Detachment, Yongsan, Korea.

Record shows 10 months 13 days of Foreign (overseas) Service.

Note: This is a total of 11 months, 4 days. his Foreign Service is 10 months, 13 days. This leaves 21 days unaccounted for in this period. Possible leave taken.

April 11, 1998: Effective date of current grad (PV1 E-1)

May 7, 1998: Discharged from Active Service.

Claims Regarding Military Service (Stolen Valor?):

March 6, 2014: Blystone was a guest on American Statesman (BTR)

The Promo (jpg)  for this show introduced:

"Tonight's Guest: Chris Blystone - An eight year Veteran of the U. S. Army. He served with the 160th SOAR as a flight medic in Somalia, Bosnia and in Kuwait before returning home to the states for the remainder of his tour.  During his service he received the Combat Medic Badge, a Meritorious Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal with Valor (1 oak cluster)."

Note: According to the DD 214, which lists what he did receive, to wit:
Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal (1st OLC), National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, and Expert Field Medical Badge

Note: We find some disparity. He did not receive the Combat Medic Badge or the Meritorious Service Medal. His oak leaf cluster was for his Army Achievement Medal, not his Army Commendation Medal, which he did receive, without oak leaf cluster. He received no "Combat" medal, nor is there any indication that he served in a Combat role, anywhere.

Pertinent comments from that show, w/notes

Clip (mp3)

Introduced as being an 8 year veteran (uncontested by Blystone)
Note: DD 214 shows total service as 1 year, 9 months, 4 days

Served in three different theaters
Note: Served in CONUS and Korea

Was with 160th SOAR
Note: entire service, except CONUS was in 106th Medical Detachment, Yongsan, Korea.

Clip (mp3)

Admits being at Operation American Spring and removing barricades from Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. - October 2013 (while on Probation)
Note: This would be a violation of Probation, unless he had permission from a Judge in Texas. This is beyond the ability of the investigator, as the Probation Officer will not confirm or deny.

Entire show (mp3)

* * *

October 3, 2014 - Blystone's Facebook Page

This posting implies that he was a part of the Battle of Mogadishu (jpg), October 3 & 4, 1993.
Note: He finished is 5 months, 3 days, active service (first period of service) in January 1995. This period would have begun in August 1994. He talks about his "mentors" who died there over ten months prior to his first military service.

These comments (jpg), from November 6, 2014, are from Blystone's Facebook page, being a continuation of the above.
Note: The pertinent comments by Blystone are underlined in red.


We have a criminal record spanning eight years, with the most serious crime being the last, which result in a Plea Agreement. We also have one that was terminated, probably to clear the record for Military Service.

We have direct violations of the probation requirements, unless Blystone can produce an order from a Judge granting him permission to go to Washington, D.C., for Operation American Spring.

We have a Military Service record that indicates no "Combat" service, an incomplete service based upon a four year enlistment with only 1 year, 3 months served.  His DD 214 does not have a "Character of Service" line, as they used to, which would show if his service was honorable, less than Honorable, Dishonorable, etc., though under the circumstances, it would appear that Dishonorable would be the applicable "character".

We have someone who speaks of Stolen Valor, while practicing the same.

These are the facts. The judgment of his character, trustworthiness, and whether he is someone you would want to knowingly associate with is up to the reader.


Addendum (January 30, 2015)

While we were unable to find other than verbal statements that Blystone had claimed to be the medic that was on the rescue team that recovered United States Navy Corpsman Marcus Lutrell. Lutrell, the "Lone Survivor" of an event during Operation Red Wing where as a member of Seal Team Ten, on a four man team that was attacked by Taliban forces. He survived the attack and was hidden by friendly forces and word sent to a nearby U. S. Base. A rescue team was sent in to recover Lutrell, and the attending medic was an Air Force medic, Travis Osborne.

Whether Blystone made such claims, and in what form, was not substantiated, though the number of sources and Blystone's claim of Operations manager of the "Lone Survivor of Texas" Foundation, suggest that there is merit to the accusations of Blystone's claim to fame in the Lutrell rescue. Blystone, by his own account, was working for Best Buy, at the time of the rescue.

One of our investigators contacted the 920th Rescue Wing (the rescue team's organization) regarding Blystone's claim. It would appear, by the quote attributed therein to Lutrll, the rescued corpsman, that he was fully aware of the false claims made by Blystone, as his direct response was that Blystone was not to be trusted, and then described him as a "complete shitbag"

That communication follows:


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