From: Gary Hunt at the Outpost of Freedom in Andrews, North Carolina
Date: February 1, 1994 Phone: messages (407) xxx-xxxx

Davidian Trial, San Antonio, Texas

January 31-February 1,1994           Day 16-17                              Post 6

-January 31 - Marvin Richardson of Dallas BATF stated that Delroy Nash’s 22 caliber Jennings was found along with 100 rounds still in a leather pouch when he was arrested. This alleviates Delroy from any implication in the alleged firefight the afternoon of the 28th of February. There was a claim of a firefight and Texas Ranger Thomas Allman testified that he found 18 expended rounds in the vicinity of Mike Schroeder’s body. He also found 72 rounds at the BATF location, along with two shotgun shells. Testimony also indicated that one Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer was present during the raid. He just went along for the ride! BATF agent Roger Guthrie, ex Army Ranger, and his spotter, wearing Ghillie suits (heavy camouflage uniforms), apparently killed Peter Gent and two other Davidians during the raid. He also had Bob Kendrick’s head sighted in his 10x scope. Not seeing Bob’s hands, and not knowing if he was armed, he did not fire. William White, Texas Rangers, went along with BATF to the Mag Bag on March 2 to secure any evidence found by BATF. The entry was made with an armored vehicle rather than the key offered by the owner because they felt that there might be a bomb in the building. The closest thing to a gun found in the Mag Bag was a timing light used for engine tune-ups. Morris Rogers, a gun dealer out of Ft. Worth, went with David Koresh and Paul Fatta to a gun show in Indiana in December 1991. He testified that Paul and David spent $25,000 on guns at the show. In cross-examination he testified that he spent $50,000 at the same show. He testified that this did not represent very much in terms of gun purchases. He also testified, as did other gun dealers, that Paul always filled out the yellow sheet and that all of the purchases Paul made were legal, to the best of their knowledge.

February 1 - Victorine Hollingsworth testified that there was a suicide pact made, after the raid, by the women who remained inside. The pact revolved around David Koresh. If he were killed they were going to blow themselves up when the agents came in to arrest them. She also testified that Delroy Nash was NOT a Davidian and was not allowed inside the Center. He could only live at the Mag Bag. This would make it difficult for Delroy to be involved in any conspiracy, as charged. She also said that Bob Kendrick was very seldom at the Center and never attended the religious meetings. This would remove Bob from any conspiracy involvement. She testified that Livingstone claimed that he "got one" but that "he almost got me first." She also testified that Brad Branch was running around shooting out of many windows. Also that Brad, Jaime and others gave all of the women a sense of security by standing guard, protecting them from the BATF. She claimed that there was NO conspiracy of any kind prior to the raid. This, then, would also exclude Paul Fatta from any conspiracy charges. It seems that much will hinge on "who fired first?" Although the prosecution brought Victorine back from Great Britain to testify, it seems that the Davidians were the beneficiaries of the testimony.

Patriots in Florida are seeking help in a call to vote down HB 241. We reported on this last December. I reported at the time that the bill had been passed, I stand corrected, it HAS NOT BEEN PASSED! You can help by faxing your feelings to (904) 282-0161. These will then be hand carried to the legislature in an effort to get the legislators to respect the wishes of the people. Those that belief that we have a right to own guns to protect ourselves from criminals, and any other element that threatens us, should voice their opinion on this matter. If it passes in Florida your state may be next!

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