Outpost of Freedom

Video Library


The Outpost of Freedom Video Library is composed of videos which may be of interest to the Constitutionalist. These videos have been found on the Internet and posted to these pages.

The Corporation (658 mb) provides insight into the advance of corporations, in this country, to a point that they are above and more privileged than the people. themselves.

The Grasshopper and the Ants (20 mb), this 1934 Walt Disney production, provides a moral lesson that is, unfortunately, seldom recognized, today.  The necessity of all working for what they get ("I owe the world a living") seems to be lost to our children.

Birth of a Nation (D. W. Griffith) Based upon Thomas Dixon's novel, "The Clansman". A story of Reconstruction after the Civil War.

The Shelter - The Twilight Zone (1959)  A very interesting work on Prepping, taken from the "Atomic fears" of the early Cold War, though appropriate for consideration in today's world.

Big Park - A Parody about the federal government's control over the public lands. From the nineties, and quite prophetic, given recent events.