Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer is an article that was written in August 2009, with the purpose of demonstrating the division that was so prevalent in the Patriot Community. Since that time, many other "distractions" have come on the scene and created even more division.

The original article can be found at Divide and Conquer

  1. Globalism

    a. Stop the New World Order

    b. North American Union

    c. Illegal Immigration (Border Protection)

  2. Un-provable Theories

    a. 9/11 Truthers

    b. Birthers

  3. Police State

    a. FEMA Camps

    b. Forced Vaccination

    c. Drug Prohibition

  4. Central Banking

    a. Auditing the Federal Reserve

    b. Ending the Federal Reserve

    c. Ron Paul

  5. Congress

    a. Congress Not Reading the Bills The Vote For

    b. Balance the Budget

    c. Kick Them All Out

  6. Politicking

    a. Third Parties (American Party; Constitutional Party; Libertarian Party; Christian Conservatives, etc.)

    b. Continental Congress

    c. Confederate States of America (CSA)

  7. Legal Solutions

    a. Sovereign Citizen

    b. Show Me the Law! (IRS %26 the Federal Income Tax)

    c. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

  8. Health

    a. Obamacare

    b. Abortion

    c. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

  9. Children

    a. Public Education

    b. Homeschooling

    c. Child Protective Services (CPS)

  10. Assertion of Rights

    a. State Sovereignty

    b. Eminent Domain

    c. Freedom Communities (Free State Project, American Redoubt, etc.)

  11. Restoring Constitutional Government

    a. Militia (Civilian Defense)

    b. Committee(s) of Safety

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