Discourse on "Vortex -- The Threat That Keeps Us Apart"
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom

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If you've ever wanted to know how the patriot community has been stifled and disrupted by secretive elements, then you've come to the right place. By categorizing various types of deep-cover operatives, agent provocateurs, and informants, Vortex provides an exhaustive look into how the government conducts its long-running campaign against patriots. Remedies for patriots are also explained.

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Index of Episodes with links to referenced documents:


Episode 1:

Students for a Democratic Society
Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) (off-site)
Press and the Patriot Community
Thought Crimes
Let Me Tell You About a Man Named "Quigley"
The Intelligence Report (Southern Poverty Law Center)(off-site)

Episode 2:

Informants Amongst Us?
Alaska Militia Trial Opens with Former Defendant as Key Witness
My Life as a White Supremacist
Patriot Games

Episode 3:

Divide & Conquer

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