Discourse on "Factions -- The Chains of Oppression"
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom

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If we want to restore constitutional government, then it would be prudent for us to fly under one banner. In order to do that, a Principle Faction comprised of " We the People" must be defined, as well as contrasted with all the other types of less significant factions. Friendly and hostile factions to the Principle Faction are also discussed.

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Index of Episodes with links to referenced documents:


Episode 1:
Factions (00:10:33)

We the People, Who Are We?

Episode 2:

Christianity (off-site)
Boy Scouts of America
Judaism (off-site)
National Socialist Movement (off-site)
Anarchism (off-site)
Patriot Community

Episode 3:

Illegals & their advocates (off-site)
Atheist advocacy (off-site)
Homosexual advocacy (off-site)
Negro advocacy (off-site)

Episode 4:

Feminist advocacy (off-site)
Christian militia (off-site)
Islam advocacy (off-site)
Congress (off-site)
Executive branch (off-site)
US government
State governments

Episode 5:

Maryland Resolves

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