The End of the Revolution & the Beginning of Independence
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom

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We most often define the Revolution as the War of Independence from rule by Great Britain. From a political standpoint, we look at the Stamp Act, Tea Tax, and the Massachusetts Port Act as the elements that provoked the actions at Lexington and Concord. There were, however, a number of events, both political and rebellious, that predate the battle on Lexington Green; these events fall well within the period that John Adams defines as the Revolution -- that period in which the public was "enlightened and informed concerning the authority of parliament over the colonies."

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Index of Episodes with links to referenced documents:

Complete Series:  

Episode 1:
Introduction (00:13:47)

1691 Massachusetts Charter
Massachusetts Port Act of 1774
Massachusetts Government Act of 1774
Worcester County Resolves
Mary Sterns' Tavern Resolution

Episode 2:

Berkshire Committee Petition
Abijah Willard's Resignation

Episode 3:

Timothy Paine's Resignation
Joshua Loring's Letter to General Gage (8/30/1774)
George Watson's Resignation
Thomas Hutchinson, Jr.'s Resignation

Episode 4:

Governor Gage's Proclamation [8/23/1774]

Episode 5:

The Powder Alarm

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Essex County Convention Resolves
Suffolk Resolves

Episode 8:

State of the Province report
Gage's November 14th Proclamation

Episode 9:

The First American Revolution

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