Caravan to Midnight

With John B. Wells



On October 11, 2016, I was honored to be a guest on John Smith's "Caravan To Midnight" radio program. Caravan To Midnight is a subscriber program, though the host has allowed me to post the entire program on my webpage.

It was a three hour interview and it was probably, in terms of my sense of the quality of the show, by far the best I have done in over twenty years.

The audio is copyrighted. That means that you can listen to it, but our agreement provides that only one copy be available outside of the Caravan to Midnight webpage.  With that in mind, there are a number of excellent interviews available, so you may want to consider a membership.


Entire program                                       .mp3  (3:15:53)

Segment #1       Without Hunt               .mp3  (0:36:00)

John B. Wells introductory discussion


Segment #2       Begin with Hunt          .mp3  (0:47:36)

Gary Hunt describes his background as a land surveyor who ran headfirst into the IRS harassing his business. Not long after, he began publishing the Outpost of Freedom newspaper, covering stories ranging from Ruby Ridge to Waco and beyond. Topics mentioned include Vortex, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge incident, the killing of Donald Scott, and the Administrative Agencies as the fourth branch of government.


Segment #3       Remainder of Hunt      .mp3  (1:52:16)

Gary Hunt delves into the government’s use of lawfare against the American citizenry. Whether it be narcotics prohibition, felon in possession of firearm, or the terrorism enhancement, the government’s extraconstitutional laws violate our freedoms. Civil defiance, whistle blowing (Julian Assange & Edward Snowden), and Murder, American Style are but just some of the topics mentioned.