Obstruction of Justice

Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom

October 15, 2002

with Mr. Smith.

     THE COURT: He just gave you the card, you accepted

it, and said hi?

     THE WITNESS: Hello, how are you doing, fine.

     THE COURT: And then when you called my office, who

did you talk to?

     THE WITNESS~ I'm not --

     THE COURT: A man or a woman?

     THE WITNESS: I believe it was a woman.

     THE COURT: You didn't talk to me?

     THE WITNESS I -- actually I believe I did talk to

you, but not at that point in time You had called me


     THE COURT: I see.

     THE WITNESS: --at a later date and we discussed

what had happened.

     THE COURT: I see. And what did I tell you?

     THE WITNESS: I don't recall. You said if I had

-- I believe you said if I had any more contact, then to

contact you.

     THE COURT: All right.

 So, we have a situation where the Judge is fully aware of an attorney attempting to communicate with an innominate juror, clearly contempt of court, and he does nothing – except to make sure his backside is covered.

 We have an attorney fabricating stories, or, at least, my conclusion is that Finch’s testimony held a lot more water than Smith’s. I leave you to draw your own. Regardless, the truth lies somewhere, but so does a sworn lie. How do you spell P-E-R-J-U-R-Y?

 And, while the defendants continue to sit in prison, represented by bottom feeding scum – immune from the rules they are supposed to be bound by, the Court continues to Obstruct Justice.

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