October 25, 2012

Review of Discovery Channel's "Militia Rising"
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom

Discovery Channel has presented its premier showing of "Militia Rising", this past Wednesday (October 24).  I have anxiously anticipated this event, and I must say that I was more impressed than I expected.  I had ventured that this may be the best public presentation regarding the militia movement, and, perhaps, the patriot community, in the past twenty years.  I now stand firmly behind that statement.  The program was, without a doubt, a very positive presentation of three units of the Watchmen of America, and their diverse purpose, yet common relationship.  

Following are my observation upon the presentation, of the three teams, and the umbrella groups of which they re members.

Arizona: Acting as their name implies, they are simply watching the border, looking for invasion by hostile Indians, or others, who are a threat to our laws and economy.  The rules forbid any gunfire, unless fired upon -- exercising their right to self-defense and self-preservation -- as anybody has every right to do upon American soil.  Their goal is discouragement rather than containment of border crossings, and it appears that in the incident shown, they were successful in discouraging two "illegals", who abandoned their property in their flight from the Watchmen team.

Indiana: Times have changed from threat by foreign invasion or Indian attacks.  However, during the eighteenth century, in the Wyoming Valley and other "frontier" locations, where such threats existed, forts were built as a place of refuge, should such need arise.  Local residence would leave their homes to join together for collective survival and defense.  Today, rather than threats coming great distances and imposing a threat, local circumstances, such as a nuclear disaster, would, perhaps, cause threats to the common security from neighbors ill prepared, should local stores run out of goods and utilities fail to provide the comforts that we are used to.  Unlike many "survivalists", the Indiana Watchmen are preparing for that protective exigency.

Florida: The leader stated that after Katrina, "the government didn't do their job".  Well, I don't know that it was ever the government's job to provide such services.  However, it has always been the job of the citizens and their militia to deal with such disasters, as has been true in New Orleans, until recently -- which has been the longest recovery after a hurricane in its history.  Those members of the Watchman of Florida and the subscribers to the Family Protection Group can rest more easily than those who trust only in government.

Watchmen of America: Considering the relationship, even with the diversity of missions, of what we have seen on this program, one cannot fail to acknowledge that fact that a single organizational umbrella, "Watchmen of America", has consolidated these groups into a common brotherhood and a non-competing relationship that would, without a doubt, assure that should the need ever arise, all would be working toward a common goal.

The entire October 24 program can be viewed at:



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October 22, 2012

Militia Rising
a premier presentation by the Discovery Channel


Recently, I had a conversation with one of the organizers of the Watchmen of America (WOA). He told me of a project nearly two years in the making in which secrecy (OpSec) was maintained, until permission to release information about the project was granted. Considering the nature of the Patriot Community, their control of information approached, or perhaps exceeded, that of Operation Overlord, during World War II.

WOA, through their administrators (two, in particular) dealt with New York Lawyers, television producers, their lawyers and the network staff and lawyers, managing to retain a degree of editorial review in the finished product. This, in itself, is another significant achievement.

The final product, which will first air on Wednesday, October 24, on the Discovery Channel., is known by the Watchmen of America as:










The Producers, and Discovery Channel, are presenting it to the public as:







It will look at the militia units from around the country (Florida, Arizona & Indiana), to show how they train, and what they train for.

Now, in all honesty, I have only seen a trailer for the production. However, I have had the entire program described to me. It appears that this may well be the best thing that has happened for Militia, and, perhaps, the entire Patriot Community, in twenty years.

I suggest that you put some time aside, this Wednesday (October 24), at 10:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Mountain, 7:00 PM Pacific, and watch this unique presentation -- and judge for yourself.

Discovery Chanel schedule of airings of Militia Rising:


Watchmen of America webpage:


For those who don't have access to the Discovery Channel, to watch Militia Rising, it will be simulcast on Watchmen of America's Patriot Radio Network, Wednesday, October 24, 10:00 PM EDT, at: