To the Assembled Congress of the United States of America




I, George Everette Sibley, in concurrence with my wife, Lynda Lyon-Sibley, declare that Robert M. Harper, while acting as circuit judge of the 37th Judicial Circuit of Alabama, has, with premeditation and malice, used fraud, in conspiracy with others, to contrive "capital murder" convictions against Lynda and me, and subsequently pronounced death sentences upon us. Therefore, we Charge him with Conspiracy to Commit Murder, and herein present these facts to support this Charge:

(1) Robert A. Harper conspired with prosecutor Ronald L. Meyers and Sheriff Herman Chapman to use isolation, deprivation of basic physical needs, and intimidation to induce us to accept attorneys appointed and controlled by him;

(2) He concealed from us the fact that we could have testified before the grand jury:

(3) He allowed the prosecutor and the chief of police to make prejudicial and slanderous statements to the media about us to pollute the jury pool, then denied motions nor a change of venue;

(4) He colluded With the prosecutor and the court-appointed attorneys to keep Lynda and °me separated at trial in an attempt to turn us against each other and prevent us from giving each other assistance in our defense;

(5) He conspired with the prosecutor to conceal the records of the grand jury so we would be unable to see that "key witnesses had changed their testimony, from grand jury proceedings, at trial;

(6) He conspired with the attorneys and the clerk, Annette Hardy, to ensure that several witnesses in our defense would not be notified in time and thus would not be present at trial;

(7) He assisted in the concealment of exculpatory physical and documentary evidence -- among these, the personnel record of Roger Motley, which showed that Motley had a propensity to abuse those people he accosted while on duty. This evidence, along with the testimony of crucial witnesses procedurally hindered from testifying, would have provided substantial support to the "justified deadly force" defense allowed in the Alabama Code (13a-3-23) applicable to our case. thus, by using his office, he maneuvered to eliminate a11 possible use of that defense at our trials;

(8) He refused my right to dismiss the inept attorneys he had appointed me;

(9) He gave improper and prejudicial instruction to the juries that he knew would induce convictions, and sentences of death;

(10) He and the prosecutor colluded to allow members of Motley’s family to be present in the jury room while the jury was deliberating, to influence the verdict and sentence of death;

(11 He ordered court reporter Willie Bennett to omit recordation or transcription of portions of the proceedings in both trials, and to falsify other portions of both trials;

(12) Robert M. Harper conspired against us at least as early as October 5, 1993 through March 25, 1996, and this conspiracy continues to affect us a she willingly concurs with the actions of the Alabama Criminal Appeals Court and the Alabama Supreme Court in maintaining our imprisonment and sentence of death; as. both the appeals court and the state supreme court were given proper and timely notice by us that we were withdrawing our appeal from the Alabama Unified Judicial System, by document and in a hearing in Harper’s court on this subject.

He has known, since being served a copy of our Formal Charge of Fraud and Treason Against Robert M. Harper, and our Demand for Damages, that we were taking our appeal to Congress, and that we have rejected the paperwork and appointed attorneys of both appeal courts; yet he continues to assist and concur with these appeal court judges to manipulate appeals in fictitious names used by him in trial paperwork, supposedly representing us, to falsely perpetuate the appearance of jurisdiction, thus to complete the "process" of conviction sp that the execution of our sentences can be carried out without delay.

We hereby present this Charge in conjunction with the Formal Charge of Fraud and Treason Against Robert M. Harper and our Petition for Orders Commanding Release from Unlawful Restraint of Liberty, and also direct attention to the fact that all participants in this conspiracy begun in the trial court of Robert M. Harper have continued their actions in the knowledge that we intended to, and now have, petitioned Congress for relief. Additionally, we have shown in our documentation that all ABA courts are void, up to and including the United States Supreme Court, so the supreme Court’s superiority provided for in Article I, Section 8, Clause 9 does not exist.

Considering all this, it is therefore reasonable for us to claim status as Federal witnesses as in 18 USC §1512 to which 18 USC §371 is applicable, and that a special hearing, or court, convened by Congress, will be properly and Constitutionally in order.



In knowledge of the law against bearing false witness before God and man, I solemnly state that the foregoing statements are true, to the best of my knowledge , information and belief.

In witness thereto, I subscribe my name on this _______ day of the __________ month in the year of our Lord, Two thousand, at Escambia county, Alabama state.


___George Everette Sibley____
location where imprisoned:
Z565, 5-U-7
Holman Prison
Atmore. Alabama


I also subscribe my name in witness thereto, on this _______ day of the __________ month in the year of our Lord, Two thousand, at Elmore county, Alabama state.


___Lynda Lyon-Sibley__________
Location where imprisoned:
Block Z575
Tutwiler Prison
Wetumpka, Alabama

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