Federal Bureau of Investigation Reports
on Matthew Finch, felon.

[Note: dates are transcription dates]


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March 16, 1998
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Justice was always intended to be impartial. Whether "prosecutor" or defendant, the relationship with the jury should be equal. It appears, however, that the juror is "protected" by the prosecution, and is to fear the defense.

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March 16, 1998 (second report)
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Impartiality, again, is non-existent. Peluso and Monk are the principle government prosecutors. They, however, are taken to see the juror (Mathew Finch). The only restraint on free access to the juror is the fact that SA Coffin is present, or at least that is what the report indicates. Note that Coffin;s report gives an explanation as to why someone with a felony charge is not to be convicted. However, the applicable federal statute does not require a conviction to prohibit one from serving on jury duty -- but, then, ignorance of the law is an excuse for government.

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As has been noted by many others, the record of Matthew Finch is longer than any of the defendants.

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March 18, 1998
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What follows are some details, and presented by the juror, not the court records, of those incidents reported above.

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In the change of plea the Finch swore to in court, he acknowledged that he was facing five years in prison. If the court recognized then the severity of the crime, surely the FBI could have found, even by a review of the record, that Finch"s claim that he was only facing 60 days was a bald-faced lie.

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Interestingly, the juror determines that he should be considered to be friendly with the defense, and hostile to the prosecution -- which holds five years of his life in their hands.

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March 23, 1998

Again, the juror steps into the intimidating jaws of prosecutorial injustice -- with no defense members present.

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March 25, 1998

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