Organizational Structure


 OMD is structured upon two tiers of active participants, and Volunteers:


Tier 1:

The OMD Advisory Board is composed of seven (7) advisory positions, each holding a functional discipline necessary to successful accomplishment of any operation -- from initial studies and background of a situation to the actual call out and implementation of the operation.  The Advisory Board meets weekly to review potential operations, evaluate sufficiency for consideration, background the subject to determine if the request meets the requirements of OMD, plan an effective operation, and then implement a call out to assist the person(s) in need of OMD support.  It is comprised of the following positions, of which 5 are currently filled:

It is comprised of the following positions, of which 5 are currently held:

    Current Functional Disciplines
  • Response Coordinator
  • Public Relations
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Logistics (not yet filled)
  • Training
  • Communications (not yet filled)

The individuals holding active positions are as follows:

Response Coordinator
  • Primary Advisory Board contact with party requesting defense
  • Administrative manager of all OMD Missions; assignments and allocations to each event
  • Militia Liaison
  • OMD specific assets
  • OMD volunteers

Maintains communications with requesting party and Militia Liaison, and conveys reports to the Advisory Board

Public Relations
  • Primary Advisory Board contact with Tier two public relations support personnel
  • Coordinate OMD public relations to include:
  • Development and dissemination of information
  • Vetting of media sources and venues
  • Certification of authorized media outlets

  • Primary Advisory Board contact with Tier two researchers
  • Coordinate OMD research efforts to include:
  • Develop research strategies to identify and evaluate emerging threats
  • Conduct strategic risk management assessments
  • Ensure a balanced research effort between strategic and tactical objectives


  • Primary Advisory Board contact with Tier two planners
  • Coordinate OMD strategic planning to include:
  • Organizational design and control relationships
  • Development of goals and objectives
  • Development of strategic decision making processes
  • Development of a risk management framework


  • Primary Advisory Board contact with Tier two trainers
  • Coordinate OMD training to include:
  • Development of training standards and supporting documentation
  • Establish training site
  • Recruit and train instructors and evaluators
  • Recruitment of volunteers to OMD and to OMD training program

Tier 2

Tier 2 members are those who will hold support positions in one or more of the functional disciplines. Generally, their names will not be made public.


Volunteers are not members of OMDVolunteers will be comprised of all who respond to a call out, from armed militia to cooks, clerical, medical, and other support capacities. They will only become active participants when they volunteer, arrive at the operational location, and register, and only for the duration of the operation, or sooner, should their contribution to the effort be limited based upon personal necessity.