The Journal of the Times

The British troops in colonial America were the forces of government. By 1769, the "misbehavior" of the troops warranted reporting, constantly, their activities -- against the English Constitution and the Rights of Englishmen.

Today, the Constitution for the United States of America and the Rights of American Citizens are being suppressed by the government's troops. "Misbehavior" pales beside the abuses these forces have brought upon some. It is this grave circumstance that warrants, once again, the publication of The Journals of the Times.

(updated: October 21, 2001)

Date Location Description Circumstances
January 1979 Marion, Utah John Singer John Singer home schooled his children. His second wife sought custody of the children when they divorced. Singer was killed when he refused to give up his children.
February 1983 Medina,
North Dakota
Gordon Kahl After serving a sentence in a federal penitentiary, Gordon Kahl failed to remain in the federal district assigned by a Restriction Order.
August 1992 Bonners Ferry Idaho Randy Weaver Randy Weaver was threatened with gun charges (cutting a shotgun less than 1/4 inch shorter than 'legal') if he didn't turn informant for the government.
October 1992 Malibu, California Donald Scott 30 local, state and federal agents and civilian employees broke into Scott's home. Scott was shot and killed while still in his underwear. The crime -- NONE.
Feb.-Apr. 1993 Waco, Texas Branch Davidians federal assault and siege of a church and murder of many of the congregation.
October, 1993 Opelika, Alabama Lyon-Sibley Lynda Lyon and George Sibley, Jr. sit on Death Row -- for defending their Liberty.
June 1995 Frazeysburg, Ohio Mike Hill Mike Hill, Militia Chaplain, was murdered, at the side of the road, by a scared policeman. The Grand Jury found no fault.
May,1997 Denver, Colorado Ron Cole Ron Cole, Wally Kennett and Kevin Terry were arrested and charge with having a pipe in close proximity to some black powder.
June 1997 Tampa, Florida Florida Common Law Court Tried in the press, long before trial, people from California, Arizona and Florida are facing prison, based upon the testimony of a lying IRS undercover agent.

Knowing that the abuse of authority by federal, state and local "standing armies" continues and an ever increasing pace, the Outpost of Freedom would appreciate your assistance in correcting, updating and announcing this page. If you have any corrections, additions or updates, please send the information to:


It might be noted the Patrick Henry, very considered over the action sof the Crown against the people, was surely, and indication of thinsg to come, wrote and gave his famous speech of March 23, 1775.

Note: If what you have to offer is an addition, I will need the date, location, name of the victim and some details of the action. Establishment press articles are desirable, and if possible, should be included.

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