Global Rally For Humanity - Phoenix
Press Release
October 9, 2015


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Global Rally For Humanity is intended to be a peaceful event to bring attention to what is so often ignored as the back-story to events that are not fully explained, though newsworthy.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 10, 2015, and there are similar events scheduled (see list at end), for the same purpose -- to bring to the attention of the citizens of Western Culture nations the greatest threat they have ever faced.

This past May 29, a "Freedom of Speech Rally", organized by Jon Ritzheimer, was often identified as a "Hate Speech" rally by many people.  However, the Rally was comprised of Americans asserting their First Amendment Rights to express concern over what they see as having a potentially disastrous effect on the United States.  It was in accordance with the First Amendment in that it was "freedom of speech", "the right of the people peaceably to assemble", and, since the Constitution is silent on methodology, a "petition [to] the government for a redress of grievances".  However, a remaining provision in that Amendment, "freedom... of the press", was used to abuse those who were asserting their rights.  Unfortunately, freedom of the press has no prohibition on deceit and outright lying.  Perhaps the press will take heed, this time.

That event was directed at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix (ICCP) for a reason.  The two Muslims that were shot dead, as they were attempting to assault a Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland Texas, were members of that Mosque.  Both were killed in that attempted May 3, 2105 assault.  Three other radical Muslims have come from ICCP.  So, first, let's look at those two players.

First, we have the apparent leader, Elton Simpson (Alias: Ibrahim Ryan).  He had lived in the Phoenix area since age 12, finishing schooling at Washington High School in Phoenix.  Then he attended Phoenix College, however he dropped out in 2004 and converted to Islam.  The FBI began investigating him in 2005, because they had reason to believe that Abu-Jihaad (described below) was in the process of attempting to set up a terrorist cell in Arizona.  Some quotes from the records:

In May 2009, Simpson told Dabla Deng, an FBI informant, "It's time to go to Somalia, brother."  He also exclaimed, "I'm telling you, man.  We gonna make it to the battlefield, It's time to roll."

Later, he was taped discussing "the permissibility of doing the martyrdom operations," about "how they gonna use the car with bombs on it."

By fall, Simpson was discussing plans to attend Muslim school in South Africa, and how the school was just a front to reach Somalia.

So, Simpson had been on the government's watch list for ten years, and they could do nothing to keep him from going to Garland with the intention of Jihad.

Next, we have Nadir Hamid SoofiHe was born near Garland, Texas, and lived in Pakistan before attending a university in Utah, and later moving to Phoenix where he opened a pizza restaurant.  He hired Simpson to work in his Cleopatra Bistro Pizza, and the two roomed together in Soofi's North 19th Avenue apartment.

In 2012, Soofi was sued because had pirated pay-per-view sports broadcasts.  The court ordered Soofi and the business to pay $2,000, and he closed his restaurant.

Months later, Soofi entered a custody battle for his son.  His ex-wife won custody of the boy, plus about $500 in monthly child support.  These circumstances may have pushed him further towards his final venture.  However, his relatives said he was a devout Muslim, but never a radical.

It was because these two "jihadists" were bred in Islam at ICCP that the Freedom of Speech Rally was held at that location -- to bring attention to what was going on,  behind closed doors, at the Mosque.

Since that time, more has come to light regarding Islamic Community Center of Phoenix and its progeny.

Next, we have Hassan Abu-Jihaad (born: Paul R. Hall).  In 1997 or 1998, he joined the Navy.  After training, he was assigned to the USS Benfold, a destroyer, given a security clearance for secret documents, and sent to the Persian Gulf.  He then took classified information and provided to, at least, a man in London having ties with Al Qaeda.  It was a raid on that person that yielded a floppy disc made on Abu-Jihaad's Phoenix computer.  That computer belonged to a man named Paul R. Hall, who moved to Phoenix from Southern California in the mid 1990s.  He worked at United Parcel Service and began attending the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

Also, while in the Navy, he emailed the webmaster of an Islamist site the movements of his battle group, and other sensitive information.

His relationship with Simpson was explained, above.  He is now serving a 10-year prison sentence, after being convicted of disclosing classified national defense secrets, in 2008.

Then, we have Derrick Shareef (Alias: Talib Salam Ibin Shareef).  He came to Phoenix as a drifter from Chicago, where Abu-Jihaad took him in, living in Abu-Jihaad's apartment in 2004.  It was at this apartment that FBI wiretaps disclosed that they had discussed buying automatic weapons and attacking a military recruiting station in Phoenix and Navy installations in San Diego.

Shareef also wanted to blow up public buildings, he told the informant.  He bought what he thought were live hand grenades that he wanted to plant in the CherryVale Mall near Chicago.  However, the grenades were dummies and in December 2006, the FBI arrested Shareef and charged him in the plot.  He pleaded guilty to attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and was sentenced to 35 years in prison.  However, it appears that his radical nature developed with his association with ICCP and its attendees.

Finally, at least with what we now know, we have Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem (born: Decarus Lowell Thomas).  In late 2012, Thomas had converted to Islam.  He changed his name in January 2013 and legally became Abdul Kareem at age 41.

The FBI had been watching him since that time.  They seized a computer that belonged to him and a memory stick that he denied owning.  The computer and memory stick contained extremist propaganda, training materials, al-Qaida literature, and primers on how to evade government detection, and how to justify the mass murder of civilians.

Kareem lived with Simpson and one other man in the summer of 2012, according to a government pretrial motion that was unsealed after The Arizona Republic and other media organizations petitioned the court.

Kareem is currently in jail and facing 10 to 16 years in prison on charges of conspiracy, lying to federal agents and transporting weapons across state lines, and planning and aiding the Garland attack.

So, this is the known "spawn" of the ICCP.  This mosque is just one of many that need light shed upon what it has produced, for the safety of all Americans.  And, if we are not allowed to speak out, as protected by the Constitution, then who is there left to defend our country and way of life?

Rallies are confirmed in Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, Israel, and other countries across Europe. So far states that are holding Rallies are California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Ohio, New England, and New York.

(Primary source: Global Terror Hunt Hits Phoenix)


Recommended behavior for the Global Rally for Humanity in Phoenix

We are requesting that the following be adhered to by the participants in the Global Rally for Humanity at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix (ICCP). Understand that these will not be enforced, rather simply encouraged, as it is not our intention to attempt to curtail the rights of Americans, as the Muslims are endeavoring to do.:

1.     Preferably no military clothing or gear. Camo is not camouflage in city streets, and other military gear is nothing more than show, as it would serve no practical purpose.

2.     We do not discourage carrying of firearms, as that is lawful in Arizona. However, we would suggest that any rifles be carried slung, and pistols holstered. And, in no case should a firearm be used to threaten or intimidate anyone, for any reason. The likelihood of the use of weapons for self defense is almost non-existent, though we do not include any effort at self-defense in what we are suggesting.

3.     Offensive T-shirts, which are not directed specifically at Islam, are not recommended. We are not conducting this rally to entice a reaction, rather, we are conducting this Rally to bring attention to the activity of some of its members, and the potential threat to our way of life that has been demonstrated by the acts of member of this Mosque, and the potential that exists in every mosque in our country.

4.     Abusive or threatening language should be avoid, preferring, instead, to point out that five members of this Mosque have conducted criminal activity against this country or the lives of its citizens.